Solar Returns:
Many Exercises in Aimed Solar Returns
Extracted From the Blog of Ciro Discepolo
The Solar's Return Ascendant in the First House

Dear mr. Discepolo,
I am sure you are a very busy person and therefore I will not take too much of your time by writing a long email. I would like to express my respect and admiration for your work and to thank you for the precious information I got from your astrological research. I am an astrologer myself and I try to keep myself updated with any valuable astrological information available out there.
The reason I am contacting you is basically a single one: the subject of the Solar's Return Ascendant and its placement in the First House of the natal chart. I am aware that your advise is to avoid SR's Ascendant in natal houses 1, 6 and 12. However I have to say that last year I had my Solar Return's Asc in my natal 1 House and it was one of the best years I had in my life. I changed my location for my birthday quite drastically (I went to Japan especially for my birthday) and I never had any regrets doing so.
I trust your experience very much but at the same time I have to admit that a First House placement of the solar Ascendant didn't have any bad effects on me, on the contrary. The only thing that I can relate with this placement would be the fact that indeed my psychical appearance changed quite a lot. The years before I lost a lot of weight, I was looking too skinny but last year I gained a few kilos which had a good effect on my physical appearance. I finally had a feminine shape again and didn't look like a skinny model anymore, which was great. My self trust improved also a lot. On the other hand I had to relate quite a lot with the way I looked as I joined a band and appeared on the stage a few times. I was told that I looked good on the stage and that I fitted great in the band. On the psychological level I also changed some things: I came much closer to my own needs and wishes, I started to have a better relationship with myself and also started to appreciate myself more in a unselfish way (self respect not inflated ego or self indulgence).
All these details could be connected with the Solar Ascendant in the 1st House of the natal chart. I could not find any bad things about this placement. My energy level was high, my health excellent, I was going to the gym, eating healthy foods, rollerskating every day for a few months. I had no injuries or any other bad things connected with my body. I am sure you have a tremendous experience with solar returns and that you are perfectly entitled to state that a 1st House placement of the Solar Ascendant should be always avoided, but maybe you could take my experience as well as a proof that good things still happen even in such cases.
If you need to see the chart and check it for yourself, here are my birth dates: Alina Barca, 3 January 1978, 3:15 PM (the birth hour is precise), Brasov 23E35 45N38, Romania. I spent my2010 Solar Return in Kyoto, Japan, 135E45 35N09.
Thank you again for your great work and for your time to read my email.
I wish you all the best and strength and inspiration to write more great books!
Kind regards,
Alina Barca


Dear Alina,
your question is not foolish. Nevertheless I have responded to it a lot of times in mine quasi-seventy books, in hundreds and hundreds of articles and linking me, in 40 years, on thousand of practical examples, above all of famous characters.

I believe that you have perhaps read an only my book and for this you ask me a question of this kind.
Here following I transcribe you two answers of mine: one contained in one book of mine and another published on the web.
I hope that doing so, you will understand better.
Before greeting you I recommend to you, however, not to go anymore to Kyoto to place an AS of ASR in the I^ House and a stellium in the Sixth House of an ASR.
Many wishes.

Jupiter in the 6th House of Solar Return

Master Ciro,
Warmest greetings. First of all, I wanted to let you know that Mars in the 8th house of my solar return is creating a lot of home related issues in my home - repairs costs etc..(now resolved!). This is as pr your book on solar returns VERBATIM!!!
I have a quick question for you - do you regard jupiter in the 6th house of my solar return favourable for surgery (all types including cosmetic?).What factors do you take into account- lunar returns, transits etc? If I were to an some surgery in february 2012 - would you regard this period favourable taking into account a jupiter positioned in the 6th house solar return?
Your views are appreciated highly!
Anne Marie - 16.08.73 - Trieste, 2.05 am. Solar Return 2011- Hong Kong.

Dear Anne Marie,
yes, Jupiter in the Sixth House of the ASR is good also for cosmetic surgery. I advise you to choose the best time when Venus will be in your second radix House. Best wishes.

Sun in the 1st House of Solar Return

Dear sir,
I'd like to get a consultation from you regarding my upcoming solar return this month. How can I reach you? Can I get your email.
Regards, Miss

Dear Miss, welcome!
Unfortunately I don't make consultations from six years. However, if you want, you can post your complete birth data here and I will suggest to you, for free, a good location for your next birthday.
Best wishes.

Dear Sir,
It's so nice to hear from you. I'm so grateful to have you helped me with my next solar return and I have attached my solar return details from for your reference. I found your book SOLAR RETURNS Interpreting solar returns : predictions very helpful for me as a new learner to understand about Solar Return. You are such a brilliant and gifted person !
Here is my birth details :
Date of Birth : 19 December 1983
Place of Birth : Bandar Seri Begawan , BRUNEI
Time of Birth : 11.04 am
I'm staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I notice that my Mercury will be in the 12th even though it is in Sagittarius. Is that ok if I go to Bangkok? Is it possible to move it to the 1st house. How about Saturn in the 11th? Is that mean possible death in my family?
Look forward to hear from you.
Sincerely and gratefully, Miss

Dear Miss,
you were born in Brunei, alive to Kuala Lumpur and you want to go to Bangkok in a few days to spend your birthday, but it is not possible because there you will have the Sun in the first House.
I advices you Jiuquan Gansu Provinces, China with two splendid Jupiter and Venus cusps!!! Best wishes.

P.S. It is a very singular thing: it is possible to read my book "Solar Returns" for free on one website of mines, however it is one of the most sold by and this thing is very rousing for an Author.
P.P.S. It is possible a mourning, with Saturn in the 11^ House of the Aimed Solar Return, but we cannot avoid the mournings.

Dear Sir,
Thank your so much for your help. I really appreciate your time and effort in responding to my questions. I notice that if I travel to Jiuquan Gansu Provinces, China (103e 47'32 , 36n 03'23 ) , the Sun is going to be in the 2nd house of my SR chart and my ascendant of SR will be in the natal 9th. I'm worried about moon and saturn of SR in the 12th (Libra). Any advice on how to get through my next year Solar return?
"I advices you Jiuquan Gansu Provinces, China with two splendid Jupiter and Venus cusps!!! "
- Is that mean I will travel a lot next year? How about my career sir? .. Sorry for asking so many Qs
Thanks. Regards, Miss

Dear Miss,
please, watch the picture more under: the Junquan Airport, in the Gansu Region, have a longitude of 98°25' E and a latitude of 39° 51' N, very different respect the ones that you indicated. Then the Sun is surely over the cusp's value: >2,5 degrees and then surely it is in the second House.
The Moon and Saturn are not in the 12^ House, but they are in the 11^ House.
Venus on the second/third House's cusp protects you for money and for travels. Jupiter on the 5^/6^ House's cusp protects you for love, sons, health and work.
For more informations you can read my "Transits and Solar Returns", on selling by Best wishes.

An ASR for Blagoveshchensk Amurskaya Oblast, Russia

Dear Sir,
thanking you for your email and for the possibility for me to leave a comment on your blog regarding the best place for me to spend my birthday next year. Therefore I would like to give you my details: born on 13 Jan 1973 in Kaufbeuren (Germany) at 17:45 pm.
Thanking you so much as your advise is of really high importance for me.

Dear Mick,
I remember you that here on the blog we communicate calling us for name.
You have not written what goals you want to reach with your next Aimed Solar Return but I, looking at your Natal Chart and at the transits of this period, I think that you have to protect you from the troubles in course and you have to search a help from the friends, from the experts, from law, etc.
For this motive I recommend you the Russian place that you see under. You have to pass the mouse pointer on the picture and you will read in low to the right of the screen the name of the city and of the Russian region that interest you. If you don't read it, uses Chrome as browser.
Many wishes.

Mars in the second House in the Aimed Solar Return

Dear Ciro,
I want to understand your recomendation for my friend (12 April 1956 Jerusalem, 22:00) as Mars would get her worry as the current year wasn't easy for her.
I remember reading in your book that the money spend when Mars is in Hs 2 can be spent on investment but I'm not sure she'll be happy about that. Thank you, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
Mars in the second House in the Aimed Solar Return of your friend is not a dangerous position.
The fact that Saturn is in the Fourth House means that she will spend money for the house: but this doesn't mean that she will have to buy a new house and it could treat only her to change the boiler of the plant of heating.

Every symbol must be read in relationship to the situation of the subject. Besides we cannot remove Mars from all the Houses, above all if it there gives a Sun and Jupiter in the Tenth House and Venus in the Eleventh House.
Many regards.

An Almost Good Sky

Dear Ciro,
Thank you for your advise. Unfortunately, she has been asked by the supervisor to find another job or accept a lower position. She is planning to look elsewhere and applied at 9:28am Fort worth time on 22nd Jan, 2012 for a job. I hope this will come out well for her. I noticed that she has a Solar Arc of pluto within one degree of her ascendant so changes are bound to happen this year.
Please let me know of any other thoughts or guidance.
Regards, Neena

Dear Neena,
the sky of which you speak is almost good, not excellent, but I would like you to consider that in Astrology they are important the priorities: your friend's problem is the "wars" and this problem can improve with the help of a psychologist.
I have explained a lot of times, in my books, because it is easy to show that the arcs of direction and the Primary Directions, Secondary, Symbolic, etc. don't work.
Many darlings regards.

Jupiter on the Cusp of the Houses 6 and 7

Dear Ciro,
There is a girl (born in Haifa, Israel on 26/8/76 12:15 noon)with serious health problems especially wth her kidneys.
I wonder if the presence of Jupiter on the cusp of6/7 houses magnify her health problems?
Thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
it is right. This next year the best solution for her is Honolulu, Hawaii (see at the chart) because, as you know, the couple Mars-Saturn can stay only in the third or in the ninth Houses of the ASR, with Saturn far from MC. Best wishes.

Three Celestials in the Sixth House

Dear Ciro,
I am glad to read very interesting topics on your blog, like the one about Chopin's chart.Although it is in Italian, I can manage to understand it and I'm very happy to finally get to read an astrological analysis about his life.
My sister has been asking me these days about her next ASR. She has started to read your books and has many questions. You advised her to go to Fernando de Noronha, but she is wondering whether she could travel to Flores (Azores). Have to say, I noticed the 3 celestials in the 6th. What do you think about this chart? Is it damaging? My sister's plan for 2012 is to relocate to another country.
(data: 22 Jan 1984,1:30,Campulung)
Thank you so much!
Best wishes, Georgiana
PS: I am working on the reviews, but,unfortunatelly,the limited time didn't allow me to finish.I am sorry for being so slow with the writings.

Dear Georgiana,
unfortunately we are speaking of one of the most important rules of the Aimed Solar Returns: putting three Celestials in the sixth House is the same thing then to place the Ascendant in the 12 ^ House or Mars in the first: 100 negative points in a scale from zero to 100!
Please, advise your sister don't go to Flores: it is the same thing to remain in Bucharest!
P.S. Thank you for your reviews of some books of mines: them are the best reviews that I received in my life! For this reason I write a lot and so quickly!

Dear Ciro,
Good morning and Thank you for your answer!
We stayed until late night to book the flight for Fernando and then I looked once more at the chart.I realized that if my sister had been born a few minutes before 1:30am (as I do believe), the Sun will be on the 7-8th house cuspid.Either way, the AS is in the 8th natal house.I hope I didn't miscalculate and the target day/hour is 21 Jan/16:33 (Fernando hour).
Related to the 3 planets in the 6th, if Pluto and the Moon were in the 6th and Mercury in the 7th, how dangerous whould it be? Apparently, the chart in Capo Verde (Sao Filipe Island) has this situation.
I have been reading Earth Returns, so I was wondering whether, in this situation, it is possible to find a flight that goes over a certain point of the Atlantic Ocean at a certain hour. I am aiming to obtain an AS in the 9th natal house (also Venus in 9th) and a pure 7th house Sun. Which is your opinion?
Thank you again!
Warm regards, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
you ask me what can happen to your sister if she chooses to place three Celestials in the sixt House: the same of an Ascendant in the 12^ House

Ascendant of Solar Return lying in the Twelfth House of the birth chart, or stellium, or Sun in the Twelfth House of the SR chart
A SR with a strong contribution of this House would make you understand how false are those allegedly wise astrologers who claim that the 12th House is not so bad: in fact – they say – it promotes the individual’s growth and evolution. I consider this point of view a little bit pharisaic, in fact no doubt that troubles and miseries make people grow and become better from the spiritual point of view – but if you could choose, would you really prefer to grow because of a tumour, a period of seclusion, the death of your son, the divorce from your spouse and so on, or wouldn’t you rather prefer to avoid all this and not to grow at all? It seems to be that certain astrologers do not deal with terrestrial clients, but with aliens from outer space. Do you think that people who address you as an astrologer would accept the theory of the 12th House being a good sector of the Solar Return after all? Or would not they complain to you instead after twelve months, reporting that ‘thanks’ to the 12th House of SR their shop went bankrupt; creditors pursue them; they are under chemotherapy; or they have discovered that their son takes drugs?
I think they would complain rather than showing their gratefulness for your having provoked their ‘spiritual growth’. This is why I believe that the 12th House is the worst of all, but that its detrimental power is almost the same as those of the 1st House and of the 6th House. This is the point in which you should compare my astrological school with that of any other author, starting from Volguine. Some people in fact talk evil of any House, thus arriving at the conclusion that there is terror everywhere. I believe that my approach is more honest, for I assume precise responsibilities for my method; I rate and classify; and I underline what has to be underlined. First of all, you should try to read the transits and the Solar returns as a whole. Secondly, interpret them according the method of Volguine or of any other author. Then read them following my method. Finally, let me know the percentage of successful forecast that you achieve with each method. I do not demonize the 12th House because I am pessimist. Au contraire, it’s the evil of this House that makes me pessimistic. I can see in practice, not in theory.
If I were to make up a list of the events faced by hundreds of people, who asked for my professional help, during a 12th House SR, a whole volume would not be enough. Further, its contents would be X–rated, because they would be more thrilling than pulp fiction. You would meet the 12th House during the worst troubles of your life. It is easy in fact to cast a spell when the 12th House of SR plays a significant role: just forecast trouble, misery, concern in all the fields of one’s life: love, justice, health, finance, bereavement, seclusion and so on. Of course, I tell you as an astrologer speaking to colleague astrologers: you would not express yourself so rudely with people asking for your help. Instead you would use all your tact to reassure them, helping them to face or to neutralize such an event. But this is not the scope of this book. Those who follow my school called Active Astrology would find further suggestions in my bibliography, e.g. in my volume entitled Il trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari.
For the time being just keep in mind that if an individual experiences a 12th House SR it would have all sorts of light and heavy trouble. Perhaps in the best event he/she would not be admitted to college; in the worst case one of his/her close relatives would fall ill. The range of all the possible disgraces that may happen to an individual is infinite. The astrologer would hardly be able to detect exactly the sort of trouble. In the majority of cases it would be a sequel of hindrances, but it may also be one single detrimental event. In the latter case it would be even worse for the individual, because the 12th House would not dilute its poison in homeopathic doses: it would release it in one, concentrated and fatal strike. If you learn to recognize this peculiarity, you would not wish such a SR to your worst enemies. People born with the Ascendant in a sign of large Ascension such as Cancer, Leo, Virgo, or Libra, may face such a SR every four year for a very long span of their life. In these cases they would hardly survive it. Remember that the involvement of a House in the map of SR has the same importance whether it’s the Ascendant of SR lying in your natal 12th House, or it’s the Sun of SR or a stellium of SR lying in the 12th House of the map of Solar Return. The same rule applies to all the twelve Houses.
Sometimes, the SR takes place with the Sun placed two or three degrees above the cusp from the 12th and the 11th House. This position is quite risky because most of the birth data are rounded in advance. Many people were in fact born 10 to 15 minutes before their known birth time. So many people undervalue the approaching SR because they are convinced that the Sun lies in the 11th House while it actually lies in the 12th one. They would realize it after twelve months of tribulation, and they would rectify the time of birth consequently.

After you tell me that you are afraid about the Ascendant or Sun in the Eight House: I think that it is for a fear of a mourning and I want to repeat you that we cannot avoid a death also leaving empty the Houses 11^ and 8^. Besides, remember that an AS in the 8^ House can mean also the end of a love story for a new love story, for example.
Yes we can use a flyght to choose a precise point on the ocean (read the example in the book "The Fundaments Of Medical Astrology", but I think that it is not the right case for a similar effort: in my opinion the Fernando de Norona ASR is valid. Best wishes again.


The Protocol For Correction Of Birth Time

Dear Ciro,
Another friend of mine is very keen to know about his best location for his next solar return.
He is not sure of his actual birth because it was not stated on his birth certificate whether 11 a.m or 11 p.m. His health is not too good and physically not well this year.
Based on his 11 a.m birth time for this year solar return, I notice most of his planets in the 6th house. He is personally a career oriented and ambitious person which is correct according to 11 a.m, Sun in the 10th house. What do you think sir?
DOB : 17 March 1964
TOB : 11 a.m / 11 p.m
Place of birth : Banting, Malaysia ( 101e 30, 2n49 )
ASR : success in career and financially stable
Need your advice on his best location for next year solar return.
Thanks muchos Regards, Miss

Dear Miss,
it is not possible to work in Astrology into a 12 hours range of birth time.
If you want there is a book of mine, on, "The Protocol For Correction Of Birth Time" to help for this problem.
But it is a very long work... Best regards.



The ASR for Kadoka is not good

Dear Ciro,
I can not remember how to post to your blog, so I will share my 2011 Solar Return info here. My birth date is 4/25/1976, 9:02am, 80w51/35n13 with Sun at 5 Tau 27. 
For my 35th year, I am trying to rediscover the joy of life to recover from a very difficult year with SR Moon/Saturn in the 1st, opposing Jup/Ura in the 7th - would LOVE for the Venus/Uranus conjunction to stimulate love, romance, and creativity.
If I stay at my home for my birthday (78W29,38N02), SR Asc is in Natal 6th (at the point of the natal North Node), SR Sun is in 6th, and there is a stellium in the 5th, although Jup/Mars is conjunct SR 6th cusp. I am scared by the heavy 6th house emphasis.
If I go to Kadoka, South Dakota (101W31, 43N50), SR Asc is in Natal 5th (conjunct Spica), SR Sun is in 7th, Jup/Mars conjunct Descendant, but now *there is a stellium in the 6th house* and Saturn is in the 12th.
If I go to Santiago, Chile (70W40, 33S27), SR Asc is conjunct Natal Desc/7th house, SR Sun is in 5th, stellium is in 5th, cusp of 5th house is at Zero Degrees Aries, and Venus/Uranus are on the cusp of the 5th. This seems like a very exciting chart, however, Pluto and Saturn loom. 
What are your thoughts?
I am VERY excited that your new book is available on Amazon. I love “Transits and Solar Returns” and recommend it as often as I can. Thank you for your important contributions to the field.
Sincerely and with much gratitude,

Dear Nicole,
Kadoka is not possible because there you should have 5 celestials in the Sixth House, included Mars.
Also Santiago of Chile is not possible because there you should have the Sun and the Ascendant in the sixth House that is similar to the 12^ House (see the charts). 

I think that the one good for your goal is Punta Arenas, Chile. 
Best wishes.

Celestials in the 12th House and in 11th Houses of Solar Return

Dear Ciro,
my pet dog was killed today by another dog. To which astrological combination can I attribute this event? Thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
I am sorry for your accident. You departed from a very bad Solar Return (see at the maps) with celestials in the 12^ House and in 11^ House (that is the House of the mournings). In the working Lunar Return you have Saturn in the 11^ House: a possible mourning.
At last, yesterday, you had the transit of Mars in the sixth House (the House of the pets) at the square of your radix MC, but I think that you have to correct your birth time because this Mars is only a few degrees under the Discendant and Mars on the Discendant means, even, an aggression to us or to our dear people and animals. Probably, yesterday, Mars entered in your Seventh House.

Dear Ciro,
Thank ytou very much for your response. I do have some questions in order to clarify:
First, in saying “ You departed from a very bad Solar Return (see at the maps) with celestials in the 12^ House.. “ you mean that I exorcized the symbol??? meaning I’m done with the 12^ House difficulty?
Also, by correcting my birth chart you so that Mars would have met the Ds right on that day?
Could I do anything and be prepared for the death of my pet?
Thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
the two first supports of the Active Astrology are the Aimed Solar Returns (and the Aimed Lunar Returns) together the technique of exorcism of symbols. The first support is very power and it is able to defeat, at least the 80%, a bad Solar Return. The technique of exorcism of symbols is less power and works about the 20-30% of the initial damage.
The death of your pet has discharged, in part, your bad contemporarily Solar Return, with the suffering that this fact gave to you. However I will be absolutely sincere with you: you have to wait many little troubles during the solar year or a only great  accident. I suggest to you to read the page  106 of “Aimed Solar And Lunar Returns” because the Sun in the 12^ House of the Solar Return is similar to the position of Mars in the 12^ House of the Solar Return or of the transit of Mars in the 12^ radix House. In that page you can get some suggestions to exorcize this bad ASR. After, if you will want it, we could draw a very good ASR for you and for a good general restart of your person. 
Relatively to the second your question, please, watch out: I did not correct your birth time, I suppose that your birth time could be that, but only the three years of practice of “The Protocol For Correction Of Birth Time” will be give you the assurance that this hypothesis is right!
I am not sure to have understood your third question, but I believe that the answer is “not”.
Best wishes.

A Good Place for an ASR

Dear Ciro,
my 2011 ASR in Russia is Feb 24.
I already bought my ticket. Do you think I will be safe (Moscow airport bombing)? My LR for Jan 31st will be in Oshkosh, WI.
That will have Mars in 4th, Saturn in 12th, Asc. in 6th. My new ASR will have stellium in 9th.
Julie from WI 2-24-68

Dear Julie,
parts calm for Moscow (if it is a good place for your next ASR).
Your beautiful Venus of birth in the ninth House, won't make never you die to the foreign countries for a bomb!
With the best wishes.

An Interesting New Testimony

I receive, from Canada, a new important testimony; important because the Subject did not know that he was able before his birthday to view this terrible year in front of him.
We welcome Michael in the Active Astrology Family and we hope that this will be the last bad terrible year of his life.

Ciao Ciro!
I just received both the "Transits and Solar Returns" and "Lunar Returns".
There is a vast difference in the approach you take versus Ray Merriman and others on this subject.
In my 2009 solar return which you commented on, I also had my progressed Mercury in square to Neptune in my natal 10th house. Natally these two planets are in a trine aspect. Most North American astrologers would say that the Natal trine should soften the progressed square aspect. This was NOT the case for me. I was cheated $15,000 from an ex employer, my Father died on April 6, 2010 and I fell and broke my right knee on Oct-24-2009! Of course my solar return confirmed ALL of the events. I really didn't need any other information. Mars in the 12th was lethal. But opposing Neptune in my 6th....critical!! Uranus on 8th. very detrimental!
The comment you made in "transits and solar returns" about the majority of placements being dissonent must be correct. The second law of thermodynamics tells us about a universe that tends to disorder. We are born, we age and then we die.
Anthony Louis is very close to your approach in his understanding of solar returns. Ray Merriman is most interested in cycles and predicting market reversals.
But I must ask you. If the solar return is clear in your mind about your conviction of "demonized" planetary positions, what is your understanding of a person's natal chart realtive to it's planetary positions?
Surely from an experiential point of view you have many associates who can proclaim "la vita e bella"? Of course the end is certain, but we have what we are born with!

"Pills" of Astrology

Dear Ciro,
Do you consider transit(conjunction) of saturn as hamonic or as dissonant?
Many thanks,

Dear Mordecai,
on this topic I saved,some weeks ago, a my "Pill" of Astrology on YouTube, here:

Relocation in Chicago

Buonasera, Maestro.
I'm sorry, I believe I was not very coherent in my previous message. It was very late when I wrote it. There were 2 questions in my msg: about me and my sister:
1. My sister (born on 22 JAN 1984, 1:30 am, Campulung Muscel, Romania; she now lives in Bucharest). You recommended Gazianthep (Turkey) for the 2011 SR. She asks whether there's a big difference or not between the SR of Gazianthep and the one from Bucharest. In 2011 she wants to buy a house and move to Barcelona (not sure if it's benefical for the long run).
2. Me (24 JAN 1986, 21:20, Campulung Muscel (close to Pitesti); I also live in Bucharest now).
My question was whether I could find my luck in music in those cities.
I intend to relocate for the long run.
I hope I will relocate the latest in 2012.
PS: Next week I'll spend my SR in Kemerovo. Hope everything will be OK as there is extremly cold.
Thank you very much for the time you spend for helping us.
Wish you all the best in 2011 for you and your family!
Georgiana C

For Georgiana's sister
There are not visible differences between the ASR of Bucharest and the one for Campulung.
For a your relocation I think that Los Angeles, Mumbay and Bangalore are very weak choices. Chicago (see at the chart) is very good!

Dear Georgiana,
for your sister the SR in Gaziantep, Turchey, is better then in Bucharest or in Campulung, but this difference is not enormous.
For you, I confirm: I advise you to go living in Chicago and not in Los Angeles or in India.
Best wishes.

Mars is better in nine House of Aimed Solar Returns

Dear Ciro, This is Mordecai
I asked yesterday about my female friend with 6 planets in Hs 12 in her coming SR in April. I did look for a better place for a ASR and came up with Hong Kong that brought her Sun + accompanied stellium with the Sun, Jupiter and mercury to Hs 10.
Mars sits in Hs 9 couple of degrees from MC.
Will mars play better in Hs 9 or in Hs 10?
Thank you, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai.
Mars is better in nine House and not in the tenth House.
Best wishes.

Love and Active Astrology

Dear Ciro,
I'm 9 weeks pregnant.
My lover does Not want to marry me and raise the child together. My heart is broken. I only have about two weeks to decide whether or not to have an abortion.
Then I will need a few days to recover before my ASR trip to Russia (Feb 21-25). Can you give me any advice in this regard?
Also, if I give birth to the baby, I could maybe move away where I have friends.
2. Is Santa Rosa, California USA a good place for me to live?
3. Is Wilmington, North Carolina, USA a good place for me to live?
I don't know what to do.
Thank you, julie Feb 24,1968.

Dear Julie,
I am very nearby you, with affection, in a moment as this when you have called, from the destiny, to take a such important decision. Obviously I cannot pronounce me around the abort because it deals with a moral judgment that is up to only the mother, according to my opinion.
I will look for, then, to give you other suggestions. One possible transfer to Santa Rosa is to exclude in the most absolute way (looks at the charts) because there you would have the conjunction Mars-Saturn relocated to the Ascendant!
The relocation for Wilmington, I think, is very meaningless. According to my opinion you have to stay where you live now and where you possess a beautiful Venus joined to the Mid Heaven.
There is then the problem to understand what it will happen if you will make an abortion: this man, also not getting married you, will he stay with you? Does your man love you? Do you love him? If you fear to lose this love and not to find another love, be calm: you have seen how the powerful ASR of the New Foundland has immediately brought you a love.

You will be able again to have so much love in your life, also with the help of the Active Astrology.
I send you an affectionate regard from the whole blog.



Bridgetown Barbados ASR

Master Ciro,
It's Anne Marie. I hope all is well.
Can you please recommend the most favourable solar return for A - born 18.09.54 in Trieste at 20.15.
Also, as per your recommendation, I will be in Hong Kong for my next Solar Return.
Can you recommend a few cities that A and I need to avoid astrologically (16.08.1973 at 2.05 am in Trieste). A big hug and keep up the amazing work.

Dear Anne Marie,
Hong Kong is not good for next ASR of A and I advise her to spend her next ASR in Bridgetown Barbados (see at the chart), on September 18th, at 3.20 pm of London Time.
Two places dangerous for her are Miami and Colombo.
Two places dangerous for you are Flores (Acores) and Reykjavik.
Best regards and wishes.


The Ascendant of the ASR in the Tenth House of the Natal Chart

Dear Ciro,
If you have the AS of the SR in the radix 10 Hs, while Venus, the sun, the moon and mercury are in the 12 Hs of SR. Which is stronger?
thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai.
Unfortunately, 100 times, the 12^ House.
The Ascendant of the ASR in the Tenth House of the radix can work to improve the general situation of the subject, but can also to damage him if, in that year, there are values of I^, 6^ or 12^ House.
In your situation, for example, probabily you will have some bad troubles, but even the meeting with the Active Astrology (the AS in the 10^ House).

ASR for protection of love relationship and children

Dear Ciro,
can you please suggest place for 2011 ASR for protection of love relationship and children? 7:09 PM (local time) on October 18, 1972. San Antonio, TX, USA.
Thank you so much for your very generous help sir, julie
Also, please announce to your bloggers when Aladdin is available in English. I look forward to it.
Julie from San Antonio

Dear Julie,
this ASR for Gisborne, New Zealand (see the chart), is wonderful for your goal and for quasi all.
Relatively to the other question I turn it to our extraordinary Katia: "Dear Katia, how many time do we have to wait to get the English edition of Aladino 1 Hour? Thanks."

The Protocol For Correction of birth time

Dear Ciro,
Please allow me to thank you on your books.
I just started reading your "The Protocol For Correction of birth time". I never read such a straight forward astrology book, that uses your practical experience which makes perfect sense to me and connects with my own understanding.
Thank You.

Dear Mordecai,
already from your first letter I understood that we were lined up on the same model of astrology: technical, practical, verifiable, concrete and repeatable.
I am very pleased that you are liking my recent book on the protocol of correction of the time of birth.
I would recommend you to work with it to your schedule and that of your relatives and then, if you want, to write this experience on a review that I would like to read on Amazon.
With the best wishes.

Venus on the cusp of the Houses 8 and 9

Dear Ciro,
If I understood the message you left in Italian you're off on some sort of trip or holiday... enjoy
I don't know if it is part of the scope of this blog.
I face a problem with a female friend I mentioned before.
She's going to have in the coming SR (12 April 1956, 22:00 Jerusalem) a stelium and the sun in the 12 Hs (all to gether 6 celestials in Hs 12 though including Jupiter and Venus) I found that Hong Kong and Tiwan have put the sun in Hs 10, but she would like to go to India.
I did find that going for Katmandu should put Sun & Jupiter in Hs 11 and venus and mars in Hs 10 while the ascendant of the SR gets to the radical HS 7.
On top of it she'll have good transits of Jupiter to the radical sun and so on.
I'm tempted to suggest her this course of action? can you comment on that.
Best regards,

Dear Mordecai,
the Katmandu solution is no good.
The Hong Kong solution, instead, is quasi-perfect. The best is Esperance, Australia, but your female friend can choose also another easter place where she will put Venus on the cusp (8^/9^) and Jupiter, in the Gauquelin Zone, very closed to MC.
Best regards.

Dear Ciro,
I spoke with my friend (12/4/56, 22:00 Jerusalem) about your austrlian suggestion and she asked me if India
or Katmandu could be better than her current life in Tel Aviv? she wondered also if there is a good place in
the USA where I tried to suggest her perhaps Dallas, Texas.
Thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
beeing the next ASR of your female friend, in Tel Aviv, indeed very bad, with a heavy stellium in 12^ House,
obviously every city in the world is better. However my question is the following: if you get 100 points in
Esperance or near Esperance, why she does want to go in Katmandu where paying the (quasi) same money
she will obtain 50 points?
The Dallas solution is not possible because the Ascendant of the ASR will fall in the 12^ natal House.
The chart of Katmandu could be dangerous for husband and for sons.
Best regards.


A letter form Michael Lipari

Good morning,
I want to say hello first of all to Ciro Discepolo, an Italian astrologer who has totally transformed my view on solar returns and Nancy McCullough who's work on equal houses & solar returns along with a depth of interpretation in her texts that can be seen through her many years of wisdom and love of astrology.
Our dog, Mozart, will be put down today at about 10:30AM EDT. Mozart will have been with us for 7 and a half years and is a beautiful white Bichon Frise. His Master, and my daughter, Liana, love this creature created by God to bring some unconditional love into our lives. He has done that.
Mozart has 4 planets in Leo, and an ascendant in Leo. As a few of you know, The Sun, Mars in Aquarius are opposing his planetary stellium. Neptune in late Aquarius has been opposing his stellium for a while, but these are only the tip of the iceberg for Mozart.
Some of us, namely me, have been through the last 14 months as though it were from hell. My father died on April 6, 2010. My mother just died on February 5, 2011, and now our beloved dog, Mozart will be taken from us at 10:30AM...having a serious form of diabetes.
Why do I share this with you all?
Because Gog is real, He exists, and His nature is LOVE. Suffering refines us humans in order to experience the fullness and presence of God when we end our days. He gave us dominion over all other forms of life because he loves us intensely. He gave us pets for our hearts to decide if we could grasp their innocence and simplicity.
May God bless you all as you struggle with your own suffering. Remember that the same God that set the universe in motion and allows us to be in awe of His creation gives us signs every day...if we are really looking.
All of you have been an important part of my life for different reasons. Some of you have been ordained by God to reveal the truth in creation through your work. I urge you to continue because ,"The heavens display the glory of God..."
Here are some photos of our beautiful dog. Join me in a moment of your time at 10:30AM to just think for a moment of someone who may have touched your life...even for a brief moment. Remember them and never, ever forget them.... He's vomiting badly... photos will have to wait....
Michael Lipari, BSc.


The School of Active Astrology

Dear blog friends,
here, at the school of AA, we have formed a group for a research on the dating of events.
We have chosen as first research work a dramatic story happened in a region of Southern Italy.
We're launching with enthusiasm at the retrieval of reliable data, the extracts of the birth of the victims and their family members and the characters involved and suspected.
If some of you, experts in astrology, are interested
in deepening the unique opportunity of reading the facts that this discipline offers, will have the opportunity, from now on on the Blog to find specific events and you will are welcome with your contribution, your opinions and your questions.
These are the facts:
The story takes place at Avetrana in the province of Taranto in the south east of Italy, in Puglia.
Sara Scazzi is a girl of fifteen, attractive and enterprising.
Last year, the 26 August, she disappears and is not returned home never again.
The parents immediately suspected a kidnapping but the family does not have economic resources, therefore it is feared a sexual crime.
About forty days after the death of Sarah, her uncle, Michele Misseri, he declare himself guilty of abusing her after killing her and showing the place where you found the body of the girl. The case may close, but some days later he retracted and accused one of his daughters, Sabrina Misseri, widening the circle of people involved and suspected.
The case may close, but some days later he retracted and accused one of his daughters, Sabrina Misseri, widening the circle of people involved and suspects. The most plausible hypothesis would be that Sabrina would have helped his father to kill the girl, the subject of inappropriate attentions from his uncle, in order to save his reputation, because she had threatened to reveal the truth at families.
A new hypothesis emerged in the weeks following for the motive of the murder is a sense morbid jealousy of against Sarah, seen as a threat to the realization of a love affair of Sabrina with a young man, Ivan Russo. Currently, investigators are continuing to search for the cause of a crime so heinous and still father and daughter are being held in jail on charges of murder….

Danila Madau Perra


Mars in the first House of SR

Good Morning Mr.Ciro,
I haven't been on this blog for a little while.Had some health issues.
Hope you and your lovely wife are doing well.
Got a question on a solar return.
Date of birth: Nov 19 1970 in ambala, India at 5:50am (30N21 and 76E50)
Solar return in Lisbon Portugal for this year is what I was thinking. Jupiter is 4 degrees away from MC. and the Natal Asc falls in 9th (2 degree away from MC).
Would this be a good year to have Asc falling conjunct to MC?

Dear Neena,
thanks for the compliments and for the wishes. Unfortunately Lisboa is not good for the ASR of the friend of yours because he would have Mars in the first House, a very heavy position.
If you desire to leave Jupiter at MC, you will see more under, a good ASR (you can read the name of the city passing the mouse on the chart and seeng at your monitor, on the left and on the bottom).
Best wishes


The Solar's Return Ascendant Placed in the First House of the Natal Chart

Dear mr. Discepolo,
I am sure you are a very busy person and therefore I will not take too much of your time by writing a long email.
I would like to express my respect and admiration for your work and to thank you for the precious information I got from your astrological research. I am an astrologer myself and I try to keep myself updated with any valuable astrological information available out there.
The reason I am contacting you is basically a single one: the subject of the Solar's Return Ascendant and its placement in the First House of the natal chart. I am aware that your advise is to avoid SR's Ascendant in natal houses 1, 6 and 12.
However I have to say that last year I had my Solar Return's Asc in my natal 1 House and it was one of the best years I had in my life. I changed my location for my birthday quite drastically (I went to Japan especially for my birthday) and I never had any regrets doing so.
I trust your experience very much but at the same time I have to admit that a First House placement of the solar Ascendant didn't have any bad effects on me, on the contrary. The only thing that I can relate with this placement would be the fact that indeed my psychical appearance changed quite a lot. The years before I lost a lot of weight, I was looking too skinny but last year I gained a few kilos which had a good effect on my physical appearance. I finally had a feminine shape again and didn't look like a skinny model anymore, which was great.
My self trust improved also a lot. On the other hand I had to relate quite a lot with the way I looked as I joined a band and appeared on the stage a few times. I was told that I looked good on the stage and that I fitted great in the band. On the psychological level I also changed some things: I came much closer to my own needs and wishes, I started to have a better relationship with myself and also started to appreciate myself more in a unselfish way (self respect not inflated ego or self indulgence).
All these details could be connected with the Solar Ascendant in the 1st House of the natal chart. I could not find any bad things about this placement. My energy level was high, my health excellent, I was going to the gym, eating healthy foods, rollerskating every day for a few months. I had no injuries or any other bad things connected with my body.
I am sure you have a tremendous experience with solar returns and that you are perfectly entitled to state that a 1st House placement of the Solar Ascendant should be always avoided, but maybe you could take my experience as well as a proof that good things still happen even in such cases.
If you need to see the chart and check it for yourself, here are my birth dates: Alina Barca, 3 January 1978, 3:15 PM (the birth hour is precise), Brasov 23E35 45N38, Romania. I spent my 2010 Solar Return in Kyoto, Japan, 135E45 35N09.
Thank you again for your great work and for your time to read my email.
I wish you all the best and strength and inspiration to write more great books!
Kind regards, Alina Barca

Dear Alina,
your question is not foolish.
Nevertheless I have responded to it a lot of times in mine quasi-seventy books, in hundreds and hundreds of articles and linking me, in 40 years, on thousand of practical examples, above all of famous characters.
I believe that you have perhaps read an only my book and for this you ask me a question of this kind.
Here following I transcribe you two answers of mine: one contained in one book of mine and another published on the web.
I hope that doing so, you will understand better.
Before greeting you I recommend to you, however, not to go anymore to Kyoto to place an AS of ASR in the I^ House and a stellium in the Sixth House of an ASR.
Many wishes.


From my book “Aimed Solar And Lunar Returns”, Ricerca ’90 Publisher

A question from the Italian newsgroup of Astrology
The reason of this study comes out from the fact of having found, in the subjects that I have examined, awful Solar Returns (that’s to say, SR’s whose Ascendant, Sun, Mars, or a stellium, were occupying the 12th, 1st, or 6th House) without having had any serious consequence at the end of the twelve months. In the majority of the cases they simply had a fair-to-middling year, a tolerably good one.
Saying so I don’t claim that Solar Returns don’t work – on the contrary, I’m a supporter of this wonderful means of forecast. I want to say it quite clearly: especially in the cases of the 12th House playing a role in the SR, I have registered some health problem in the subject; or the subject dealt with volunteering during the year, or he/she had to visit his/her parents at hospital, or he/she had to undergo therapies.
As far as the 1st or the 6th House are concerned, some subjects showed concern for their own aspect: for instance they changed hair-dressing; they started wearing glasses or they bought new-styled glasses; some of them became fatter, some other became slimmer (1st House); some found a job, other changed their job; some joined a gym; some dealt with their pets etc. (6th House).
So how can it be that only to me have happened dozens of cases without any serious consequences? I myself have had years with Mars, the Sun, or the Ascendant of SR occupying the 1st House - without registering anything negative. And in his Trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari (ed. Ricerca ‘90), Ciro Discepolo himself talks ‘almost well’ of Mars in the 1st House of SR, claiming that it is ‘like putting a tiger in the motor’ although you can run the risk of getting hurt – while I didn’t bang up anything, not even a toe! In this newsgroup I’ve read Carmen’s experience on the dangerousness of the a.m. Houses. If it were possible, I would like to get more testimonials on this (only from attentive students of the Solar Returns, please).
Those who would like to testify about particularly negative – or positive – years but they aren’t able to cast their own S.R., if they wish they can send to me their birth data (they may remain anonymous if they wish so) and I’ll cast their chart myself thanks to the wonderful software package called ASTRAL (let me say congratulation to Ciro Discepolo, Luigi Miele and the other developers for the newest 32-bit version for Windows 95) and study their case.
Remember though, give me your data only if you are sure about your exact time of birth, and of course tell me the year to be considered, and where you spent your birthday relevant to that year. Thanks to everybody for your precious collaboration.
Alfio Strano (note: today he is a my good colleague)

Reply: Dear Alfio
May I take the opportunity of your request of clarification and clarify something that evidently is not clear – maybe because I haven’t explained it well in my volumes on Solar Returns. I have never claimed that EVERY TIME there are negative values of 1st, 6th, and/or 12th House you loose your arm or your leg in a collision with a tramway coach.
For if it were so, considering that the above mentioned combinations are quite frequent, we should all die before reaching the age of twenty. I meant it a bit differently, which is that ALL THE TIMES that you suffer from terrible disgraces, you see the occupation of the 1st, 6th, and/or 12th House in the relevant SR.
You should make the following test. Collect the data of your female and male friends who have suffered, in a given year, from detrimental mourn; clashes with the Law; financial upsets; who have lost their job; who have lost everything; and so on. Then you check out how many times, in those years, for them, the Sun or the Ascendant or a stellium or Mars of the SR occupied the 12th, the 1st, or the 6th House.
Let me know then. At this point you may wonder, If those combinations are not always deadly, why should we be concerned? Well, I believe that since we cannot get to know how many bullets are there in the cylinder of a revolver gun, it is not convenient to play Russian roulette with our own temples.
Furthermore you should consider what follows. Many people tend to play down the damages they receive from life.
Do you know that here in Italy about one million people are afflicted with hepatitis C and among them, many don’t even suspect they have got it? From time to time I happen to deal with the SR of a husband and a wife and, for example, I get to know that one betrays the other while the latter knows nothing about that.
And if you ask the latter, What happened to you during the year? He or she would answer, Nothing, absolutely nothing. And last but not least, I have explained several times that the serious troubles of health may be troubles of psychological health.
If a boy fails at school and gets depressed, it is virtually certain that his SR has an occupation of the 1st, 6th, and/or 12th House. The same if a young man – with Mars in the 12th House of SR – spends two months of anguish fearing from having contracted AIDS in a risky intercourse. And maybe this is also Umberto Bossi’s current situation: I don’t think he has spent positive months knowing that he might be sentenced to life.
I hope I have been clear. Good-bye to everybody
Ciro Discepolo

Another my answer to the same question, on the blog: Sir,
I desire to thank you for the today your review to my book that, I think, put in a right light some important points of my will when I decided to write it.
I desire to thank even the other reviewers, women and men that wrote well of my treatise and even men that wrote critically or quasi-critically about it. It is right that everyone can express his judgement.
I thank you even because you inserted, in your review, the link of a my webpage where everyone, even many times in a day, can calculate, for free, the Index of Risk for the Year that is a good help to follow my school of Astrology.
Then I would add, shortly, to your good review, a single item, to precise something that is difficult to believe for many readers that read this argument for the first time. In my February 16th blog I wrote to an African my reader:
"I realize that many rules contained in my English book `Transits and Solar Returns' are difficult to understand, but it depends by several factors. First you have to consider that my studies and my researches, always accompanied by thousands of practical exercises, are contained in about 60 books, but you English readers can read only three of these books. Moreover, even within the book you mentioned, if not read carefully, you cannot understand the meaning of what I mean to express.
Let's take an example and we follow the rule that says `when Mars is in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses of Solar Return, it brings a very bad year, especially on health'. However, not everyone reads carefully that I have written: health, including both in the physical sense and in psychological terms.
Once a friend of mine was arguing that he had Mars in the sixth House, in the last Aimed Solar Return, and nothing was happened with his health. And I asked: "What? You have just said to me that your girlfriend left you and you did not want to see anyone for a month! This, according to you, doesn't mean bad health?".
Several other people, sometimes, live for months with sadness or anxiety about an university test that did not go very well or because they fight with a parent or a teacher at university: this is not always suffering and ill health?
We are not always aware of the diseases that plague us. Personally I lost two sisters for cancer. The second of the two was hit by a terrible cancer of the bowel which, according to the doctors, she had grown inside her for about ten years.
Finally, last but not least, let me remind that for foreigners readers is difficult to recall, in a book of about 600 pages, something that I repeat in any my Italian book: I never said that every time we had Mars of Solar Return in the first, in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses, we will be suffering from an ulcer or we will suffer for an amputating leg.
I have said, however, that whenever we are suffering from an ulcer or an amputated leg there are certainly, in our Solar Return, Mars or the Sun or the Ascendant or a stellium in the first or in the sixth or in the twelfth Houses.
Thank you to All, again, for the good acceptance that you are reserving to my book.
Ciro Discepolo


Saturn and Moon in 11th House

Dear Ciro,
I am extremly sorry to say that this beginning of the SR year is the worst of my life.
While I'm writing this I have tears in my eyes and my hands are trembling.
My boyfriend just told me he never loved me, he just used me..We broke up.
I feel down and broken inside.I feel destroyed completely.Should I be happy that I got rid of him or that he got rid of me??I can only think about the 2 important years of my life I lost living in a complete LIE and about the fact that I'm still involved in this enormous feeling I had that is called LOVE.It is useless to continue describing all the pain.
I have also been ill for almost the entire month of February.
I got flu,measles and urinary infection.
There is nothing more left to say, except that I am deceived.
What else can I expect? Now I am even scared to do the surgery I wanted.
Please advise. I really need help.

Dear Georgiana,
please, post again your message and write your birth data, the location of your last birthday and the location of your last Lunar Return.
Best regards.

Dear Ciro,
In my previous message I wrote that I have been ill for the last month that followed to my birthday. After feeling sick physically, the illness plagued me emotionally as well.
The man I loved, trusted and respected for the last 2 years broke my heart saying that I didn't mean anything in his life.
This happened last night and somehow ended 2 years of agony through agony.
I have never ever thought in my life that I would experience so much pain in my love life, especially since I've always struggled to bring light and happiness in the lives of the loved ones.
I spent my last SR in Kemerovo as you advised. I stayed there until 25 JAN (8 am, local hour), starting from 22 JAN.
The last LR was spent in Bucharest, Romania.
My birth data:
24 January 1986, 21:20, Campulung Muscel (close to Pitesti city), Romania
As I said, at this moment I just need help as I am down.
Georgiana C

Dear Georgiana,
I am sorry for what you tell me, but I don't believe that you have recently lived the ugliest days of your life. The pains of the feelings are heavy, but there are tests greater than the ones that we have to face in the life.
The goal of your last ASR was not to protect the love and not even the health (the infection that you have had, fortunately is not serious,).
You push in the directions that you had chosen to strengthen and you take conscience that Saturn and Moon in 11 ^ House are also able to take a fiancé, but you are very young and he, perhaps, didn't deserve you.
I send you many darlings wish to take back soon you. Some months ago I was in Bucharest for a Lunar birthday. Perhaps I will return there in the next months. You could organize with a small group of impassioned of astrology a tea in the hall of my hotel, if you want, so we could speak a little.

Dear Ciro,
this might be a peculiar question, but which is the goal of this ASR? I should have had the health protected.
This was my main goal, because I intend to undergo a very complicated surgical procedure on the maxilla that would keep me in convalescence for at least 3 months. One month I will be under medication.
I have been postponing this for 2 years, because I could just not decide and was frightened.This should also have a slight esthetic improvement.
Please clarify the main directions that would be enhanced this year by the ASR.
As for my love life, it is extremely difficult to forget and get over the moments we shared.Despite of everything, some important part of me still loves him and searches for reasons and explanations.
It is even more difficult, since I have no shoulder to cry on.The few people around me that should care, never agreed to this relationship, because he is much older than me and is part of a different culture and religion.
So, all I can hear around me is "I told you!I am always right" or "See if you don't listen to what I say". This confirms the ugly Moon-Saturn conjunction in the XI house. I have no friends.
The whole explanation of our relationship and the feelings shared or not should lie in the ASR of year 2009 (24 JAN, Erzincan, Turkey). I met him in February on 16th at work, but we started relating more on 11th April after two months of hesitation from both.The love story burst in June (especially on 20th when we spent a very romantic dinner).
I just want to be loved by the one I love.
Can Astrology make a miracle in this direction?
Let me know when you come to Bucharest so that I could set the meeting.
I would be pleased to see you in person.

Dear Georgiana,
Now I remember. For this reason we put Venus on the cus of the the I^ and of the 2 ^ Houses: we have promoted, in the most powerful way that exists, a specific operation of maxillofacial surgery (Venus in first protects the health and Venus in the second House protects a lot the aesthetical part, the look).
Now you have then to act, looking for, as soon as possible, the best moment (for example among few days, when Venus will enter you natal sixth House, to the trine of Pluto) to receive the surgical operation.
With this ASR you can also earn some extra money. The love has not been protected and it was not in the objectives of this ASR. But because you catch yourself dear Georgian? In the world exist many scoundrels. Now thinks about making this important operation and then, if you will want it, next year, I will study, for you, a very good ASR for the love!
I will contact more ahead you to make to know you when I will again be to Bucharest.
Many darlings you wish.

Dear Ciro,
Thank very much you for your pieces of advice.
I am still under pre surgery orthodontic treatment, so I cannot have it done these days.
I am supposed to undergo this surgery somewhere in August, September or October.
When would it be the right time?Was wondering whether a Venus in 12th would protect me.
It is a risky surgery for the facial and dental nervs, but also for the vocal cords as it implies a tubular insertion next to the larynx.
The recovery is also extremely important as it takes several months.I also have another question: How important is the Moon phase(moonrise/moonset)for a surgery?
For 2012 I want to relocate to US. If the transits are not very good, then I will leave it for 2013, the latest.I want to benefit of Jupiter's transit through the 9th to the full. It will also trine my natal Sun and Venus.Would Vienna/Budapest be a good choice for the 2012 SR?
I would concentrate more on my musical career. I somehow put it on 2nd place by now. Love is also extremely important, but I guess it comes together with art.
Best wishes, Georgiana


Coming Back from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka

Dear Ciro,
I successfully completed my ASR trip to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka, Russia. It was a 30 hour flight each way and completely exhausting.
I highly recommend travelers hire a translator if they do not speak Russian.
Even at the local airport only one woman spoke English. I am very lucky things worked out very well for me! I am about 3 months pregnant now.
I want to protect my baby and buy a house next year.
I would like your advice on Brush, Colorado, USA (40N 16, 103W 37) for 2012 ASR. It puts Venus in 4th and Jupiter in 5th. Mars and Saturn are safely out of 10th house.
Thank you for the WONDERFUL and PRICELESS gift you give to all your followers! All the best to you- Julie from Wisconsin.

Dear Julie, our compliments!
I think about being able to speak in the name of all the Bloggers saying that we are happy that your trip has been good, even if very fatiguing, and, above all, we are very pleased of your decision to hold your child.
Your next ASR for Brush is good.
Consider, if you want, also Morril in Nebraska that offers you a greater small border in comparison to Saturn in the tenth House.
Many darlings you wish from all of us.



About the Book The Fundaments Of Medical Astrology

Dear Ciro,
Thank very much you for your pieces of advice. I am still under pre surgery orthodontic treatment, so I cannot have it done these days.I am supposed to undergo this surgery somewhere in August, September or October.
When would it be the right time?Was wondering whether a Venus in 12th would protect me.
It is a risky surgery for the facial and dental nervs, but also for the vocal cords as it implies a tubular insertion next to the larynx.
The recovery is also extremely important as it takes several months.I also have another question: How important is the Moon phase(moonrise/moonset)for a surgery?

For 2012 I want to relocate to US. If the transits are not very good, then I will leave it for 2013, the latest.
I want to benefit of Jupiter's transit through the 9th to the full.
It will also trine my natal Sun and Venus.Would Vienna/Budapest be a good choice for the 2012 SR?
I would concentrate more on my musical career.
I somehow put it on 2nd place by now.Love is also extremely important, but I guess it comes together with art.
Georgiana C

Dear Georgiana,
Up to your next birthday, as you know, you are protected from the best position that exists for a maxillofacial surgery.
But us, inside this, have to keep on choosing the most correct moment.
This is, according to my experience, few days after your ALR of September 22, lived home. In fact there we have a Sun in 10 ^ House that allows you to get an emancipation; Jupiter in sixth protects your health and Pluto and the AS will be are in the second House: a big help for the aesthetics.
Few days later you will have Venus of transit on the cus between the First and the Second House: this, believes, picks up the maximum one of the maximum one for your purpose.
In my book "The Fundamenths Of Medical Astrology", that you can find on, I have inserted a brief chapter on "Surgery and Active Astrology."
In this chapter I explain that the old rule of Ptolemy to operate with the decreasing Moon, to avoid hemorrhages post operating, is not right to be anymore, for the contemporarely progresses of the surgery and of the pharmaceutical science.
For your ASR in the 2012 Vienna and Budapest go against your projects to move yourselves to USA because you would place Saturn in 10^/11 ^ and Mars in the House of the foreign countries, joined to the Mid Heaven.
Cold Bay, in Alaska, is the best!

Dear Ciro
Thank you for your answer. The chart for Cold Bay is very good.If I'm not mistaken, it might also be good for love.
I guess it also forecasts a contract or a partnership.Is that true?I hope I will be able to reach this place and aspects.
The problem is that Cold Bay is extremely remote and cold and I still don't know whether it would be wise or not to experience extreme weather conditions after a surgery that needs several months for the recovery. The swelling of the maxilla will deflate completely only after 6 months.Was wondering if there might be another place, with a milder weather, to enhance my evolution in 2012.
Let's say I would postpone the relocation for 2013(you said Jupiter joined to the MC in transit can also help for the relocation).
Would Honolulu, Hawai be a good choice?
It looks almost the same as Cold Bay, except the Asc that falls in 10th.
Please forgive me if I am wasting your precious time with this issue.

With best regards,

Dear Georgiana,
yes, the ASR for Cold Bay is really very good! It can also give you a working contract and to bring you a love.
The only difference with Honolulu is that the AS doesn't fall in 10 ^, but that difference! Remember, however, that are speaking of the Aleutian Islands bathed by the sea of the warm ascensional tides that come from the lower part pf Pacific.
In these islands, in winter, it is usually less cold that in Bucharest.
Many wishes.

Dear Georgiana,
it is very pleased that you are taking in serious consideration my suggestions.
The date of first October is excellent for the operation because Venus will just have entered in your radix second House, inside a very beautiful ASR and of one as many good ALR (in Bucharest).
Moreover the Moon Scorpio-Sagittarius doesn't regard the face.
The Ascendant in the tenth House cannot start for the bad transits by Saturn climbing: for this item Mars is not worth.
I don't follow you as many good when you start to speak me of alternatives where you would like to place Saturn in the second House: to which purpose?
To worsen with the money and with the aesthetics?

Dear Ciro,
I know Saturn in 2nd house is bad for the finances. I'm sorry, I believe my question was not very coherent.
I asked how my finances would be for 2012 with the Cold Bay SR (given the fact that Saturn will transit my natal 2nd^).
This May I intend to travel to Italy, maybe to Rome, so was wondering whether it would be wise to schedule the travel for 8th of May (my Lunar Return).
If I spend this day in Bucharest, I would have a stellium in 6th.In Italy it would enter the 7th^.
Thank you very much for your answers.
With best wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
the transits, in the economy of the facts of one year, have only a little importance in comparison to the positions of the Celestials in the Houses of the ASR.
From what that I remember, in the your next ASR we don't have favorite the money, but we have set the bases because, not immediately, you can get money in the next years, if you will make every year an aimed birthday. Many wishes.
Always avoid a stellium in the sixth House.


Jupiter and the "Bistable Oscillator" Effect

Dear Ciro,
My friend Susan, born July 24, 1961 at 18 hr 23minutes in St. Joseph, MI, USA is asking for help. She would like to buy half of her boyfriend's house next year (she already lives there.) Susan recently came to some money through an inheritance. She also wants to spend her 2011 birthday in a boat cruising to Alaska.
I looked at her aimed SR for 2011 in Anchorage, AK, and I don't like it much. I think she might be better off going to Honolulu, HI.
Could you please tell me where in the world would you advice her to spend her birthday in order to make the buying of the house easy for her and to have a good relationship with her boyfriend while this situation is going on (this purchase could put some strain on the relationship).
Susan has some health problems and it might not be easy to her to travel to a location far away, but if you were to advise her to go to a place that might bring the wanted results we could start working on the trip now.
Thank you so much for your always very insightful explanations.
Susan lives in Oshkosh,WI, USA, now.

Dear Eva,
you are becoming a very good colleague and I start to be worried about to have a dangerous competitor in the United States...
Your ASR for Anchorage is very good, but it could be dangerous for your female friend. In fact, as you know, Jupiter in the seventh House can have a "bistable oscillator" effect and can worsen a relationship that is being all right or almost well.
The most greater possible danger comes, instead, from the Ascendant in the tenth radix House: we find it often in the ASRs of women that separate themselves from the companion.
Then I suggest you a lot Neerlerit Inaat, Greenland, code OAG of the airport = CNP. Here we find a marvelous Venus that is positioned on the cuspide IV^/5 ^ Houses, to protect at the most the real estate operations and love.
The strong presence of stars and the Ascendant in second and in the eighth Houses speaks to us of a lot of money to spend and it coincides with her goals. Also Pluto to the Mid Heaven is very good for the growths in everything field.
Best wishes.


About Retrogrades and Lunar Nodes

Hi Ciro,
I didn't come across any comment of yours regarding retrogrades (especially mrcury retro coming soon)and the lunar nodes? are those not included in your astrological understanding?
Thanks, Mordecai".

Dear Mordecai,
in the first 10-12 years of my astrological interests I studied also the retrogrades and the Lunar Nodes, but I did not have significative results and I abandoned them.

Dear Mordecai,
certainly, if your wife has the Sun in 12 ^ House radix this explains a lot the hospitalizations of her father, her brother, her husband and her son: we that practise the Active Astrology say that the Sun in the 12 ^ House is very heavy.
Our colleagues/adversaries say that the Sun is very beautiful in 12 ^ House because "it makes to grow".
Fortunately your son has Venus radix in the 6^ House and this is a great help for the health: let's hope well! You are now discovering some important and true rules that concern the SRs: for the past we cannot do anything, but for the future will try always to depart, you, your son, your wife... you will see that the quality of your lives will increase a lot.
In relationship to your question 3, I think that everything is connected in the universe. Many darlings wishes.


An ASR to protect Health

Dear Ciro,
please advise for 2011 ASR.
Early in 2010 found possible brain cancer and had Mars in 6th house of 2010 SR.
Now very important to protect health.
Birth data: June 18, 1958. St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA. 11:07 AM (morning) local time.
Thank you very sincerely, Friend of blog follower from USA.

For the Friend of blog follower from USA:
This is the best! But remember, please: this is to add to your medical cares and not to replace! With many darlings wishes.


A Lunar Return in Italy?

Dear Ciro,
Good morning!I am planning a weekend holiday to Italy for my Lunar Return of 8th May and can't decide which is best for my work and health: Catania or Rome. Which destination would be suitable?
Thank you very much! Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
all the astrologers are in accord on the fact that every man/woman "answers" otherwise to the spaces that he/she lives. Just a few Astrologers don't believe in the Astro-Geography. It is, instead, true and it perfectly works. They exist some colleagues that also believe in the study of the so-called "Local Space" that is an Astro-Geography limited to few miles or to few hundred miles.
I have studied the one for few years and I think that it doesn't work. I have launched a challenge to whom believes in this topic of the Astrology: explain me, with the relative graphs, the martyrdom and the death of a man, a very important political man, Aldo Moro, been born in Maglie, in Puglia, and murdered in Rome, to few hundred kilometers from the place of birth, in 1978.
Nobody has ever responded me.
In substance I could introduce you hundreds of examples that shows you as is really working the Astro-Cartography and as many examples of as the Astrology of the Local Space doesn't work.
For these motives, being Catania and Rome to alone 10 minutes of longitudinal difference, I think that you can choose the one or the other without getting meaningful differences. Many wishes.

Dear Ciro,
Thank you for your answer. Is it the same for the relocation? You recommended Chicago as the best option for the relocation. Would Atlanta or Memphis be as good as Chicago, given the fact that the difference between these charts are minimal?
Best regards,

Dear Georgiana,
Your matter is intelligent. Nevertheless the answer is simple: an Aimed Solar Return works in a different way from a relocation. In a relocation, in fact, they count only the Celestials near to the four angles of the sky (AS, MC, DS, FC).
In the Aimed Solar Return, we can have two completely different results instead, if a Venus, for example, is situated from 1° or 3° from the cusp of a House.
For this motive, in some cases, we can also have two different ASR inside the same city.
However a question rises: are you sure then that it doesn't exist differences between Catania and Rome? Contrarily: I am sure that a difference exists between Catania and Rome, but I believe that with the actual tools in our possession we are not able to understand where and who is this difference.
We would be able, perhaps, to apply, here, the Onomantic Astrology (the Astrology that considers the names), but it is s subject in which I am completely ignorant and where I believe that each can say everything and the contrary one of everything.

Dear Ciro,
Thank you very much for your answer. So now I understand that the Solar Return Chart is degree sensitive,unlike the relocation chart that relies on the angles influence.
As for the Lunar Return of May, I noticed there is a slight differece between Catania and Rome charts, except the Venus-Mercury conjunction that swings between the 6th and the 7th house.
I also know that if a planet is placed on the cuspid, it influences both houses, but I supose the infuence would be higher in the house where the planet is located.
Having noticed the Jupiter-Venus-Mercury stellium in the 6th house for Bucharest, a question arose: Would a stellium formed by the 2 benefics + a neutral/mild planet like Mercury or the Moon act negatively in the 6th house conserving the general rule of the ASR?
I also have another question. Since the relocation chart focuses on the main 4 angles, which would be the major difference between, let's say Chicago and Atlanta, as for both Jupiter is joined to the MC?
Thank you in advance.
Best wishes and regards,


An ASR for Réka

Dear Ciro Discepolo,
Spring is arrived (Have a nice spring!) and I would like to ask you where should I travel for my birthday 2011 if I would like mostly to find a/the companion.
What do you advise, please?
Thank you very much, all the best,
Réka - 30. July,1978 at 5:55 (morning) in Keszthely, Hungary

Dear Réka,
I will suggest to you three different good ASRs. Y
ou will read the names of these locations passing the mouse on the pictures and reading on your display the names.
If it will be possible, I will save, today or tomorrow, a "Pill", in Italian or in English, with the explanation of the method used to find them.
Best regards.



Dear Ciro,
Thank you very much.
Best regards,


-2,5° / +2,5° from the cusp

Dear Ciro,
My sister wants to relocate as well to US. She would want to relocate next year with me.
Could you please advise a good ASR for her next birthday?
She was born on 22nd of January 1984,Campulung Muscel (near Pitesti), Romania, at 1:30 am.
The relocation would imply finding a good job/career perspectives and a decent residence. Your point of view related to the celestials that dwell over 2 houses when they are near a cuspid put me on thoughts.
That applies, I guess on all type of astrology. I have a natal Jupiter on the 5/6 cusp and always asked myself in which house it influences most.
Was wondering whether it has a stronger influence in the house where it resides?
You also dragged my attention towards Onomantic Astrology. Could you please recommend a book that could initiate me in this field?
Thank you very much.
Best Wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
here is a good ASR for your sister.
An aster on the cusp, or in the circonference's arc of -2,5° / +2,5° from the cusp, values perfectly the same power in the two Houses.
I studied the Onomantic Astrology on this book:
Astrologia Esoterica Onomantica di Alfonso Del Bello, probably available on Ebay.
Best regards.


Fear of Mars in 12th House of ASR

Dear Ciro,
I allow me to disturb you because among about ten days I will depart for my ASR to St. Petrsburg and I wanted to do, if you want a counter-check.
My birth time according to my certificate is 15h 10m, after having seen that for this year, choosing St. Petersburg, 1 or 2 minutes earlier were enough for Mars to fall in the 12th House of my Aimed Solar Return, then I rushed and asked the hospital for the clinical case history of my mother, relating to my birth.
They sent them to me and I have discovered that (since I was born in emergency caesarian birth) the doctors brought my mother in the labour room and they began the intervention at 3 pm (also my mother remembers, before passing out a clock indicating 15h 00m), therefore we have a fixed point: at15 I had not been born yet. The case history confirms 15 10 as my birth time, which can make much sense at this point (10 minutes to cut and to let me being born).
Then taking the time of 15h 10m, as my birth time, I would like to understand with certainty if in the center of St. Petersburg, where hypothetically I would be at 23 30 on 16/02/2012, my Mars is safe in relation to the 12th House’s cusp.
Using Google Earth I have taken the precise coordinates of the hotel where I will sojourn (hotel Sonya) and they are the following: Longitude 30° 21' East and Latitude 59° 57' North I am not sure to avoid the 12th House, saving, however, the other two very good cusps: Venus closed to the Descendant and Jupiter closed to the 8th cusp.
Please, Ciro, can you check this by Aladino and tell me if in those coordinates I am all right or if it is better for me to take a taxi and to move me of some kms....
I apologize in advance for the trouble but the fear of Mars in 12th is great. At the same time, if possible, I would like to save the cusp of Venus 6/7.
You have my birth data but I’ll repeat them to you anyway: 16/02/1974, 15h 10m San Remo, Italy.
The day before my birthday I will put on the blog the analysis of the last year changed by a very good Aimed Solar Return!
Heartfelt thanks and good weekend, Roby

Dear Roby,
let’s go on step by step. I will explain to you in detail the procedure by wich I was able to resolve your technical exercise, I think, accepting you declaration that your birth time is precise.
Let’s go from Aladino Google Earth and look at the picture:

As you can see clicking on the chart and magnifying it, if you go on the “red dot” that Google Earth indicates as the centre of Saint Petersburg (60° 04’ 25" North and 30° 07’ 42" East) this is not right because you can immediately realize looking to the drawing that the three Celestials that you want to control are all on the cusps (the light red colour and not the dark red colour tells us that these three Celestials are at less than 2,5 degrees from the cusps) and even the delta showed by my software indicates 2° 26’ 49" (and then less than 2,5 degrees) between Mars and the 12th House cusp, then a Mars in 12th House, while the delta between Venus and the Descendant is very good: 1° 41’ 03". The Seventh/Eight Houses cusp and the distance from Jupiter is perfect because it is almost zero degrees.
At this point we have to move out of Saint Petersburg, in a measure of some hundreds of kilometres searching a little village where we will save the two Venus and Jupiter cusps and where we will modify the position of the 12th House cusp in relation to the longitude of Mars.

How do we operate?
Let’s go back to classic Aladino and, in the targets, we indicate that we don’t want the airports, but only the villages and the small villages of Russia where the 12th House cusp is about 22° 25’ in Virgo. Let’s start Aladino and save the exit file also in the .XLS format to organize the output by longitude, or by latitude, or by city name, etc.
At this point, at the first glance, we note that a village named Ala-Mikkulainen, very near to Saint Petersburg (60° 27’ North and 30° 47’ East) ensures us a very safe delta Mars – 12th House.
In fact, using the function named Molriv of Aladino, we ask and we get the calculations and the drawing of this Aimed Solar Return in this small village:

Now, let’s enter in my website page:

And we go to verify:
12° 22' 25" (longitude of the 12th House in Ala-Mikkulainen) - 19° 27' 20" (longitude of Mars in the ASR) =
2° 57' 38", so almost 30' or one half of degree, if you prefer, of safety over the cusp of the 12th House.
Then let’s see Venus in relation to the Descendant:
2° 01' 22" - 10° 01' 22' = 2° and again also here one half of degree of safety, so as not losing the cusp of the Descendant.
For Jupiter calculations are not necessary because it is almost at zero degrees from its cusp.
Today Ala-Mikkulainen is named Niznije Nikuljasy and is at about 50 Kms at North-East of Saint Petersburg (see the splendid map of Microsoft Encarta). Best wishes.


An Aimed Solar Return for Health

Dear Ciro,
Could you please suggest a good location for my friend’s solar return for 2012? My aim is to keep him safe and in good health and I am having a little trouble following the rules in your book for a location in the U.S.
I came up with Las Vegas. This location places Mars in 5th house, but do you think it’s too close to the 6th? It also places the stellium in the 7th, which I hope will bring him marriage, or a fortunate association and not trouble with legal documents? I’m not thrill about Jupiter in 2, but money comes and goes, health is more important in my worldview. 
How dangerous is that Uranus in 1st house?
Please send me your comments, always a learning experience for me.If you do not like Las Vegas, what would you suggest in the U.S.?
My friend was born 5 October 1941 at 19hr 45 min in Springfield, IL, USA.
Thank you one more time, Eva

Dear Eva,
in this chart there is the solution of what you have asked me. Passing the mouse on the graph and looking in low on the screen you can read the name of the city. Nevertheless I will tell you, with a lot of sincerity, that this ASR is not good for your friend and I recommends you the other of Cape Verde.
With many wishes.


Thank you Ciro for the Cape Verde SR,
but the problem I’m having with my friend is that he cannot leave the U.S. this year.
I am also curious about why do you thing that the Cape Verde ASR is better than Las Vegas. I am scared of placing the stellium in the IV house for a 70 year old man, and Mars in second is going to be hard on his finances, don’t you think so? Can you please tell me your thoughts on this?
Could you please tell me the issues you see as problematic in the Las Vegas return; is that Mars too close to the VI house? Is there anywhere in the U.S. the would be better for him (I’m concerned about his health)?
Again his date is born 5 October 1941 at 19hr45min. in Springfield, IL, USA.
I know I ask many questions but I learn a lot from your answers. Thank you again.

Dear Eva,
to Guerrero Negro I have technically effected what you asked me: to distance the most possible Mars from the sixth House.
Nevertheless it deals with a heavy ASR: the stellium in seventh and Mars in the 5^ Houses show different problems with the beloved person, his sons and with the law. Besides, for a man of almost seventy years Uranus in first House and Neptune in twelfth House are not reassuring for the health.
A stellium in the fourth House, can mean also at times the death,: the last abode. But we die an only time and we don't have to avoid the fourth House.
When in the ASR there is a Fourth important House and a Mars in the second House, almost certenly the subject will need to spend some money for the residence or for a hospitalization, but the subject could also have a greater circulation of money (in entrance and in exit) following a real estate operation. Many wishes.

Thank you Ciro.
My friend has been thinking about selling his house. Maybe if the stellium is placed in IV that would be a way of manifesting that energy towards real estate and not to he hospital.
Thank you for clarifying for me.

Dear Eva,
do you think that it was a case that I have recommended a stellium in the Fourth House to one friend of yours that is about to complete a real estate operation? Do you agree that a good astrologer has to understand certain things?
Many darlings wishes, also you, of Good Easter.


Active Astrology

From Mordecai,
Dear Ciro, I just entered to day a new LR and I’m still confused as all those planets in Hs 12 (or Hs 1) but with both Jupiter and Venus in Hs 12... do they redeem the threatening aspectv of the Hs 12 message, especially with LR Asc in radix 10 Hs?

Dear Mordecai,
I have seen your actual ALR and I am in accord with you that it is very bad indeed. Unfortunately it is added to an ASR as many bad. And unfortunately the presence of Venus and Jupiter in 12 ^ House cannot help you because even if the stellium was composed from three Jupiter and from three Venus in 12 ^ House, the effect would be the same. I also cannot  comfort you relatively to the Ascendant in 10 ^ House because, in this context, it could mean a temporary abandonment of your job and therefore to speak to us of a Tenth House upside-down...  
Any hope, then? No, I have never said this! I have seen people overcome for years followings harder situations of yours. You make two things:  
- The first one tries to make a small intervention of surgery, painful, but not dangerous (this immediately)  
- Prepare a good ASR  for next year, above all addressed to the health  
   Many wishes. 
From Mordecai,

Dear Ciro,
My appologies for keep nagging... health-wise starting Dec. 31 2009 I had unnoticingly a heart attack followed by a by-pass operation and later on another operation...
I’m extremely unhappy in my marriage life and stayed in there for my son (that suffered a serious accident being 10 month old...
Since getting married I went through every possible problem financial and judicial... my life turned around completely...
just lately decided it’s time I turned things around... decided to move away from home and live far from the center so I could support myself... change every aspect of my life and start afresh... also, I would like to work as an astrologer (how can one see an indication for that in the natal chart? are those changes i plan connected to your understanding of my LR and SR (Idid check the option of changing slightly my time of bith and found my Sun in the Hs 1 instead of Hs 12, does this can carry a different meaning

a second from Mordecai
Dear Ciro,

I much appreciate your response, and I’d like to elaborate on my previous message and clarify my questions, hoping i’m not taking advantage of your kindness...
My wife has her Sun in 12^ hs (21.6.1953) Istanbul, Turkey 06:20
and did just as I saw in your book stayed with her father in Hospital untill he died, did the same with our son, her own younger brother who also died and did with me... it scares the hell out of me... adding to that the fact that she wasn’t married and stayed single untill she was 40 years old...
I wonder if my SR and LR can indicate my plan to leave her in the very near future, which could be for me a blessing in disguise... the bottom line was that i’m powerless for many years unable to act or solve any of my problems... 
It is important for me to know at this stage also if I can pursue my interest in astrology to a higher proffessional level???
And as I mentioned before, I saw some very intersting comments on President Obbama and so on but the automated translation is not good enough, and especially if I’m interested in the Pill of astrology when you give them in Italian...
Many thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
your sufferings are very visible in your Natal Chart, over all that Mars in the first House that some our colleagues read as a very good position that allows you to grow: how tall are you? Many meters? My apologies for the confusion of many our colleagues. I think that you can work as a good  astrologer and I consider that your Natal Relocation on Napoli gives a Jupiter joined to Mid Heaven and Sun-Mercury-Neptune at IC: you can obtain good results by Active Astrology.
For this ALR, unfortunately, it doesn’t change if the Sun is in the Twelfth or in the First House. However be strong because many times a very bad ALR can mean only a spiritual depression, but it is present only for a month. 
Relatively to your second post, it is true: many women with their Sun in the 12^ radix House, have the father, the brother, the son and the husband sick. But if you will divorce from her, this realty will not change! The work of a good astrologer is very hard and you could change the body sufferings in spiritual sufferings for the strong responsibilities that you should take in to recommend ASR to your customers.
Then I advise you to continue in this project. As you know, my English is not good and I will have difficulties to save “Pills” in English. But I am studying...  

Dear Ciro,
Many thanks for your response that even in English you manage to touch me.
You wrote in your post “But if you will divorce from her, this realty will not change! “ Can you explain what do you mean by that?
best wishes, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
a Natal Chart and also the ASRs and the ALRs work also after the death of a subject. For example, if your wife was dead, we would read that you are badly every time that Mars or Saturn pass in her Seventh House...

Dear Ciro,
The concept make perfect sense to me, but how far can we go with it? for example, if its my second wife, than what
Many thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
also your second or third wife speek us about your health and also if they were died many years ago.

Dear Ciro,
First can this concept be carried to your other relationship like your son, your lovers, your parents etc. and the corresponding houses ?
by american book do you mean in English??
Many thanks, Morderai

Dear Mordecai,
yes, you have understood well. A great percentage of our colleagues don’t know the right references of the relatives in the different Houses. For example: many think that all nieces are in the third House and, instead, it is wrong. The sons of our brothers and sisters are in the third House, but the kids of our sons, are in the fifth House.
When I write “a my American book” I want say a my English book published in USA.


The Italian President Of The Republic Has Made An ASR To London?

Please, look at the more charts above. Yesterday the President Giorgio Napolitano has spent his birthday to London and he has also withdrawn a degree honoris causa. Not do you think that he has made with intention this Aimed Solar Return? If the thing is as I think, who has recommended it to him, has recommended him in a very wrong way.

Difference among the Books Transits and Solar Returns and Solar Returns

Caro Ciro,
I've written a review for your book. I'm just wondering what's the difference between the new "solar returns: prediction" book and the "transits and solar returns" book. Is there chapters breakdown or excerpt somewhere for the new book?
best, Deva

Dear Deva,
your question is logical and pertinent. I have published many books, in Italy, in which it is exclusively written or almost exclusively written about the Solar Returns and the Lunar Returns. I believe how some of these books will never be translated in English because we also speak of volumes of 800 pages and very difficult (for "students of the superior schools of Astrology"). However everything will depend from as my precedents books will be welcomed by the American Readers, Canadian, English, Australians, SouthAfricans and of the whole world.
Studious as you as Georgiana from Romania as Julie and Neena from USA and as Mordekhai in Israel and as so many others in Russia, China and all over the world you are giving me a lot of satisfactions, in this moment, with reviews that my job praises and they makes me understand that "my" Astrology likes to many colleagues of mine. If will be there also an economic success, to valley of this, then I will run over other money to publish other books.
Solar Returns is the new English edition, seen again in many points, of my Italian book "Nuovo Trattato delle Rivoluzioni Solari") that appeared partly in a series of articles on specialized magazines at the end of the seventies. Subsequently it, in its essential part, it was around the third part of my book "Guida ai Transiti" of 1984, then it knew a new complete layout in 1993 and another anchor in 2001.
The fundamental difference among "Transits and Solar Returns" and "Solar Returns" is in the fact that the first one is directed to 100% to the interpretation and the reading of an Aimed Solar Return (but the explanations are also worth for the Aimeds Lunar Returns) while the second book founds more itself on the mathematics and on the "physics" of the Solar and Lunar Returns: how does a Solar Return work? How is the place of birth of a Solar Return? And why it is that and not the place where we born forty years before? What are the signs of short and of long Ascension? And how can we exploit the geographical latitude to change a Solar Return? Is it true that every 33 years the Solar Return is equal to that of the birth? Than does it increase the Sideral Time every year? Then they are also the interpretations related to the Solar Returns and to the Lunar Returns (they are practically the same) and I have added 60 practical cases of Solar Returns to describe what it happens to a subject with a particular sky of Solar Return.
In short, according to my opinion, it deals with two books that must be studied together for understanding both the mathematical aspect and the interpretation aspect of the Solar and Lunar Returns.

Maxilla Surgery Chart

Dear Ciro,
I am planning to have the maxilla surgery done on 1st of October. Would there be any better date? I confess I worry a lot for the possible consequences or side effects.
As risks, there could be nerve damages, facial parasthesia, teeth damages, etc. There might be even a risk for the vocal cords during tubular insertion (for breathing purpose). I worry most of all because I had a pretty treacherous year by now regarding my health and not only. I already took a lot of pills for different allergies.
Do you see liver problems in my natal chart(24Jan1986, 21:20,Campulung Muscel)? If there are, could they be activated during this year by any mean?
Thank you very much.
Best wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
you followed my advise and fixed the surgery for next October 1st. It is very good because it is after a good Aimed Solar Return and after a splendid Aimed Lunar Return in Bucharest with Sun-Mercury in the Tenth House, Jupiter in the Sixth House and Pluto in the Second House.
In addition to this you will start your project with Venus transiting the first part of your Second House, in trine to Jupiter and to MC of the Natal Chart. Astrologically speaking this is a little very positive bomb. We will not able to control the 10-15% of the ability of the surgeon in the economy of this project, but I think that it is very difficult to realize an astrological project, practical, better than this.
Relatively to the situation of your liver, effectively you could have problems in your life and I advise to you a homeopathic cure, that detoxifies you always.
With best wishes.

Thank you very much,Ciro, for your encouraging answer.
Does the country where I am undergoing the surgery have any importance?It is in Turkey, Istanbul. Does transiting Jupiter in square with Sun/Venus have any bad influence?
Thank you, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
you will have an extraordinay powerfull astrological situation for your surgery. Istanbul is quasi-neutral. In the future, for a surgery that we hope will be never, choose Jupiter or Venus close to the Ascendant on the relocated chart.
Best wishes.

About a Relocation

Dear Ciro,
My sister (22 JAN 1984, 1:30, Campulung Muscel) asks how would a relocation to Qatar (Doha) influence her?
Best wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
the Doha's relocation shows only a very large Uranus joined to the Ascendant and it means that this locations in not in her destiny.

Aimed Solar Return in Australia

Dear Ciro,
I made a try and created a Solar Return for my 2013 birthday. I will probably spend my 2012 birthday in Ammarnas (Sweden), so the 2012 chart won't be too good for a relocation to US. Thus, I decided to concentrate the relocation energies for 2013. I also want to include a great piece of luck in Love.
Please let me know if it is good or bad.
Syzran (Russia; 53n09, 48e27, -4 GMT) or Samara (Russia; 53n12, 50e09, -4GMT)
Would the health be blemished with Saturn and Uranus in the 6th and 12th houses?
Thank you.
Best wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
I think that Samara and Syzran can be well, but if you give me more time, I could search another location. Saturn in the Sixth House and Uranus in the Twelfth House are not very dangerous, but if it is possible to avoid them, it is better.
Many wishes.

Thank you so much, Dear Ciro.
Please take your time.
Best wishes,

Dear Georgiana,
think a lot about this my proposal for you, of ASR, for 2013. It is Ballina, East-Australia. A long journey and also expansive.
Besides it is against your desire of growing in love. But I think that you are young and probably you need to enforce, first of all, your social and professional situation and also the health. This chart, love a part, is very good.
Think to it.

Thank you very much, Ciro.
Is this chart generally better than the one I suggested, or better as regards the professional status and health?
You suggested an ASR in 11th house with Sun and celestials in the 7th as well for 2012. Why is this combination (AS in 11, Sun in 7th) so good for the profession?Is this something particular to me? Should I worry for possible mourning during this aimed year?
Does this chart (Ballina) help me for the relocation to US?
Regarding Love, I supose that if I meet someone in 2012, this chart might bring a separation.I know I am still young and yes,it is true, I need to concentrate on my professional activity and status rather than on feelings. But the idea that I would be 27 with no personal life and no love, scares me.
I am sorry for overwhelming you with so many questions,but I somehow feel that I have to always choose between these vital elements of my life:Career and Love.
Thank you a lot for helping me.
Best wishes, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,

I confirm to you that the ASR of 2013 for Ballina (but also for Brisbane) is very good, in absolute the best. It is no good for love and we have to think, almost certainly, at a love separation.
Unfortunately, for that year it is not possible to enforce, contemporarely, love and social/professional situation. I know that you desire a lot a good love situation, but I advise you to choose Ballina.
I don't remember your ASR for 2012 and I am not able to answer for that.
Yes, when we have a strong 11^ House in the ASR, we can suffer for a mourning, but no always. Many times it means also quarrels or danger for a life, but danger is not a mourning. Besides a possible mourning can regard also a friend and not a relative.
Then I advise you to follow this track and, I am sure of it, your life will improve every year. My best wishes.

Dear Ciro,

for 2012 you suggested Cold Bay,Alaska (AS in the 11th house) or Ammarnas, Sweden (AS in th 3rd).
Which one is better for money and love? Does the Sun in the 7th bring higher visibility to the subject, professionally speaking?Is it better than Sun in 10th?
I was thinking, is it possible to exorcise the planets in the 7th for the SR of 2013, so that love would not be damaged? Let's say that I would plan, arrange and settle a very expensive trip on my money for me and my partner.That should bring some administrative stress for me.
How does the money look for the 2013 SR?
Thank you so much!
Best wishes and great weekend!

Dear Georgiana,

there is not a possible match! Ammarnas is cheap and very good for love, but Cold Bay was thought in relation to a your relocation in the USA and a your general improvement.
“Does the Sun in the 7th bring higher visibility to the subject, professionally speaking? Is it better than Sun in 10th?”.
No. The Second House is in relation to a hugher visibility.
“I was thinking, is it possible to exorcise the planets in the 7th for the SR of 2013, so that love would not be damaged? Let's say that I would plan, arrange and settle a very expensive trip on my money for me and my partner. That should bring some administrative stress for me. How does the money look for the 2013 SR?”.
You can try to exorcise the bad positions in your Aimed Solar Return for 2013, but I think that the results of this operation will be very small. If you will have, for example, two fiancé in that time and you will live a war and you will lose one of them, yes, in that situation, you will exorcise that bad Seventh House, adding also a daily practice of judo, karate, ecc. and adding also a daily war for an ideal militancy in the ecologist or animalist organization, for example.
For your last question. When we enforce a lot the Tenth and the Sixth Houses we can get no money soon, but we can throw in the future the bases for good earningses of money. Best regards.

The importance of Jupiter and Venus on Surgery

Hello Dear Ciro!
Is Venus and/or Jupiter on AS the only benefic position for the relocation of a surgery? What about Venus/Jupiter/Sun on the other angles (4th, 7th, 10th)?
I have another questions. In 2010 I spent my birthday in Flores (Azores). I always wondered wether it would have been better to aim it in Madeira or Frankfurt.
Related to the 10th house AS in a SR, is there any difference if it falls closer to the natal MC or closer to the 11th cuspid?
Could an AS in the 10th house of a Lunar Return of a nice ASR indicate disgraces?
Thank you a lot, Georgiana

Dear Georgiana,
I would limit the discourse to Jupiter and Venus because the Sun can point out an important fact, in the Relocated Chart, but not always very good. Well, even if you can think that this is banal, Jupiter-Venus rilocated to the Ascendant of a city protect your health and they give you physical and mental comfort.
Jupiter-Venus to the MC can help you to get an important position in society, in the social and professional sense. Jupiter-Venus to the Descendant point out you who is the place of the world where you will be more fortunate in love.
Finally Jupiter-Venus to the FC signal you where you could live in a great and pleasant house or where you could realize good real estate business (an architect to which I suggested to go to live to St. Paul of Brazil, where he has Jupiter to the FC, today it is an important builder of houses in that place).
Relatively to your second question, you did very well to go you to the Azzorres in 2010, where unfortunately you penalized the love, but where you got a great social and professional growth and you widened very well your relationships with the foreign countries. If you had put the AS of Solar Return in the X House of birth, the your 2010 would have been very heavy.
The Ascendant of Solar Return in the X House radix is very stronger if tightly connected to the MC, in positive and in negative.
At last, if the ASR is good, an AS of ALR in the Tenth House cannot indicate disgraces.
Best wishes

Sun-Saturn Conjunction in the ASR Sky

Dear Ciro,
I started checking my next Solar Return (Oct. 13, 1951, 01:40 AM, Tel Aviv) and realized I have a conjunction of the Sun with Saturn (in the 8 th house), Mars in the 7th and the SR asc. in the radix 6th house... is Saturn-Sun conjuction very negative? and can you sugest a positive olace to do my coming ASR?
Many thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
your next year is announced enough hard and difficult, but this is certainly the least bad ASR for you.
With the best wishes.

Dear Ciro,
Can you please explain how the conjuction of the Sun and Saturn works in a SR?
Many thanks, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
the transit of Saturn on our natal Sun that repeats itself about every 29 years, is, actually, a heavy transit that accompanies always a trial in our life. Generally we can have these principal trials: a mourning, a sickness for us or for our relatives, a love trial, a work-money trial.
It is almost impossible to avoid it, but – by a very good Aimed Solar Return – we can reduces, a lot, the sufferings for us.
I would not put never this conjunction in the I, 6 ^ or 12 ^ Houses, but I know many masochists that would do it with the same pleasure with which they would be given hammered on their feet.
I try always to put the conjunction Saturn-Sun in the 9^ or in the 3^ House. In my books that you have you can read the meanings of this conjunction in the 9^ House of an ASR and, contemporarily, you can think to some exorcisms of symbols to get the less damage possible. Best wishes.

Active Astrology

Dear Ciro,
Thanks you for allowing us to see the book Solar Return for free for now.
I think of operating a blog in Hebrew supporting your school of astrological thought. In order to transcribe your name into Hebrew I must know how you pronounce your name? similar to "S", si,ilar to "K" or similar to "TZ"?
Best wishes, Mordecai

Dear Mordecai,
I think that you had a very nice idea!
Here you can listen how is the pronunciation of my first and second name:
You can take any part of this blog to explain to your readers the meanings of the Active Astrology.
Best regards.

Dear Ciro,
Now I know how to pronounce your name.
I had another look at my coming SR chart. If you meant my local chart than I found the Sun and Saturn to be at the 8th Hs just by the cusp of the 9th Hs, Mars in the 7th Hs, and the Asc of the SR is at the 6th Hs?
How about bringing Jupiter to the 12th Hs as a general remedy, or other options?
Thanks, Mordecai

Aimed Solar Returns and Money Investments

Respected Ciro,
I have a question regarding Investment. Ravi wants to invest in a substantial amount in a company. He asked me if it was advisble. It appears to be for a period of 6months. I looked at his transits through the 8th house and it seems to be looking fine. What do you advise.
Date of birth: Jan 5 1967 at 11:30am in Nagar Kurnool, India.

Dear Neena,
please, post again your questions recording to us where
the subject spent his last birthday.
Thank you.

Respected Ciro,
Ravi had his solar return in Jan of this year in Hobart, Australia. His date of birth is Jan 5th 1967 at 11:30am IN Nagar Kurnool, India. He is planning to spend his next birthday in Petersburg, Alaska on Jan 4th 2010.
He wanted to know if He can invest a substantial amount of money in a company this year. I saw a negative solar arc and so was not too positive aboutit. But wanted to know your opinion. He claims he is not seeing as much business as he expected this year.
What are your thoughts?
Kindly Advise.
Thanks, Neena

Dear Neena,
no, this would be too much dangerous for him.
Best wishes.

Mars joined to Ascendant of Aimed Solar Return

Dear Ciro,
Thank you very much for your help. I will analyse the situations and decide. I only hope and pray for the moment that the surgery will go well.
My mother has Mars on the AS of her next SR, but she would not relocate (5 October, 1958,Campulung Muscel). Could this be related to my surgery?
She worries the most for me. My father has Jupiter in the 5th house of the SR, so I supose the children are protected (26 October 1956, 1:55 am,Bucharest). Am I wrong? Both my parents will spend their birthdays in Campulung Muscel.
Which chart is best for money in 2012: Ammarnas or Cold Bay?".

Dear Georgiana,
no, Mars joined to her AS doesn't indicate a dangerous situation for you. Instead Jupiter in the Fifth House of ASR of your father is good for you.
For your surgery you will be protected by a good ASR, a very good ALR and by good transits.
Be quiet. For money and for look Ammarnas is better than Cold Bay.
Best wishes.

Dear Ciro,
Thank you very much!


Ciro Discepolo

Solar Returns
Read for Free the Book to Interpret the Solar Returns

Ricerca ’90 Publisher

Translation and editing: Luciano Drusetta and Ram Ramakrishnan

Copyright © 2011 Edizioni Ricerca ’90
Viale Gramsci, 16 
80122 Napoli - ITALY
Printed in USA

A Daniela

This method (Solar Retuns), besides being the easiest to manipulate and the richest source of deductions, is also the one that conforms best to the demands of the scientific mind.
Alexandre Volguine

The birth data of the people mentioned in this book proceed mainly from Lois M. Rodden’s database and from Ciro Discepolo’s archives. Other birth data are taken from web-based databases.
Astral maps and calculations are produced by the exceptionally precise astrological software Astral and Aladino (also referred to as Module for the Automatized Research of the Aimed Solar Returns ‘RSMA’).


Table of Contents

Preface to the new Text
01. What Solar Returns are and how they work
02. With what force do they work?
03. The Twelve Houses that you can adjust in Solar Returns
04. The Celestials in the Houses
05. Which place should you considerto calculate a SR?
06. How to ‘target’ a location
07. A little geography for the Aimed SR’s
08. Signs of Short and Long Ascension
09. The Effect of Latitude in Aimed SR’s
10. How you can make Calculations by Hand
11. Dating the Events
12. How much does the Sidereal Time progress
13. When exactly does a SR start working?
14. It is not Necessary to know the exact Time of Birth
15. How Long should you Remain at the ‘aimed’ Location?
16. What happens if the Time Zone has changed?
17. At the Age of 33, is the Ascendant of SR the same as the one in the Natal chart?
18. What is a ‘Bomb-like’ SR?
19. Four ‘Pearls’ that I must tell you about
20. Four little ‘Miracles’
21. A moving story
22. The Fraioli case
23. Results of the More Recent Researches
24. The Objections
25. 60 Examples for Rehearsing the SR’s
26. An essential astrological bibliography



Modesty is not always a virtue. Often, when it becomes an excessive habit and it is manifestly contrary to the truth, modesty may turn into foolishness. This is perhaps my case. In the past years I have shied away for long from both my readers and colleagues: in response to their compliments I would say, “Thank you”, and would smile and add: “You’re too good…” I went on for nearly a quarter of a century this way, studying astrology day and night (for example, I am writing these lines at three o’clock in the morning), with love, passion, enthusiasm and the greed of the researcher. I published works that I consider quite important, such as manuals, ephemerides, research works. Yet, I have never got a swollen head. 
Every time I was addressed a good word, I simply replied that after all, I had not done anything extraordinary. Then, slowly over time, it was my good colleagues – those whom I esteemed the most – who began to provoke me, literally shouting at me: “Come on, Ciro – haven’t you got the […censored] to assert yourself?” Eventually, that is exactly what I have done. 
At some point I realized that I had produced more than twenty books (about fifty at the time of writing the preface to the Italian edition of this volume). Some of them may be defined successful; others can surely be of great value to every student. Consider my Guida all’Astrologia, for example: it has been reprinted more than a dozen times in four editions; it sold over 50,000 copies since 1979 – a real best-seller. So, after speaking personally – or getting in touch through letters or phone calls – with thousands of indirect pupils of mine, one day I realized that I had taken a way on my own, different from any other stream of thought, despite my full respect for the astrological tradition. Thus I realized that I had become the founder of a school of thought. 
One day, the historians of astrology will state whether I have been a good teacher or a bad one. In any case, I have founded Active Astrology (Astrologia Attiva in Italian, which is also the title of a volume published in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee). That is to say, an approach to astrology that refuses the notion of a human being overwhelmed by a fate engraved in his/her DNA, bones and birth chart. On the contrary, the approach of Active Astrology is to give you certain tools (which I have been improving little by little) with the aim of spurring you to act according to the motto, God helps those who help themselves. 
The two tools that I have first elaborated, and then improved, are the exorcism of symbols and the Aimed Solar Return. I am aware of the criticism the former would attract: “This is no invention! Many others before you...” Yes, yes, of course, I am conscious of it. But to my best knowledge, those who deal with the exorcism of symbols were not astrologers; and anyhow, the way I put this technique into practice is absolutely original. 
On the other hand, I think that I can really claim an absolute right of primogeniture over the latter (the Aimed Solar Returns), especially if you consider the application of the technique of relocating Solar Returns on such a large scale and in such huge numbers as I have been doing for years. In fact, to my best knowledge no others before me have done the same; and even if so, nobody can prove it with such a large number of publications as I can. In the seventies, here in Italy there was a magazine published by Armenia called Gli arcani. There you can find many of my articles on Solar Returns. Many of my counselees and students – who later have become very good colleagues – accepted and followed my theories and put in to practice my technique of the aimed birthday. One might ask, though: “How come you were the first, when this technique was already known to your colleagues?” 
The reason is very simple. In 1970 – the very same year in which I started studying astrology – I happened to read a few lines of André Barbault’s Practical treatise of astrology, published in Italy under the title of Trattato pratico di astrologia. There he explained the Solar Returns, clearly stating that you have to cast it (i.e. ‘domificate’ it) considering the place in which you physically are at the very moment of your birthday – not the place of your birth. Reading these lines was like a bolt out of the blue for me. At that time, I was barely able to grasp the predictive implications of this reality. I simply read – which immediately convinced me – that you have to domificate the Solar Return for the place where the subject is at the time of his/her birthday. 
Being fairly good with math, I resolved to plunge into this ‘unknown sea’. But this would not be enough. Despite my skill in math, if I had wanted to study the charts of a single birthday over twenty different towns of the world, I would have had to spend many hours computing and drawing charts manually; and this would have taken plenty of time, considering that I was and that I still am a perfectionist in this field. 
By those times I directed the laboratory of electronic devices at the Institution of Motors in Naples, belonging to the CNR (Italian National Research Council). Thus, I deployed my knowledge of electronics developing, with the help of professional programmers – much before the era of personal computers – original routines of software that allowed me, by simply pressing a few keys, to cast a chart of Solar Return in few minutes for any town anywhere in the world. I have written evidence, published in major newspapers of the sector (the magazine BIT, for example), that since the dawn of the era of personal computers and even earlier, I used to publish articles concerning my own software routines, describing how they were programmed, what flow-chart they followed, what you could get out from them, and so on. 
I must say that the majority of my astrologer colleagues were not very familiar with computing; they were not even aware of the existence of those machines. Some of them did know about them, but they refused the very idea of machine computing of an astrological chart. For this reason, I can say that – studying for many years plain Solar Returns and ‘targeted’ or ‘aimed’ Solar Returns – I have been gathering an experience of thousands of cases. This is especially true in the last three or four years, in which further works of mine have been published that have spurred many counselees and pupils to ask me for consultation. To make a long story short, you may judge me modest or arrogant, but I must admit even to myself that I have shown a way and that along the decades I have become the leader of an astrological movement.
That is why I resolved to title this book A Practical Treatise of Solar Returns, not A Guide to Solar Returns. In fact, what you are about to read is the gist of my experience gained in this field over many decades. I am confident that you will see clearly the several points analysed here, which give me the right to call this volume a Treatise.
I do not know exactly why I have written this book now and not in another year. Maybe it is because I had previously proposed it to three or four different publishers who had rejected it. One considered that this volume is far removed from their policy, another thought that the scope of this volume was of no interest for the reader. I think otherwise. This is why I have wanted to take this risk, and have built this volume entirely with ‘my hands’ editing it by myself (this refers to the first Italian edition of 1993). 
Back to the Solar Returns, now. I must add that to me, they have opened one of the windows on the Truth, and that the ‘aimed’ Solar Returns (please note that the term Aimed Solar Return has been created by me) have opened an even wider window on it. Those who keep on denying the value of these predictive tools are missing a moving train. 
In fact, both new and old students and colleagues who have read my books or those of Alexandre Volguine, with tens, sometimes hundreds of examples (also included in my astrological quarterly Ricerca ’90) have immediately become convinced of the exceptional potentiality of this method of astrological analysis. Since I am personally convinced that ‘an example is worth a thousand words’, you’ll also find several practical examples in this volume. Today, I cannot read properly a case about which I am asked to give my astrological opinion unless I have three charts in front of me: the subject’s birth chart, his/her current Solar Return and his/her following Solar Return. For me, a birth chart is ‘blind’ without its relevant Solar Return alongside. On the other hand, it is my opinion that any other position deserves to be respected. 
I started studying the book of Alexandre Volguine on Solar Returns in French, translating it in a botched way. Of course I recognize in him my first teacher on this subject. This is why I asked the publisher Armenia to publish an Italian version of his volume, to which they eventually agreed. 
On the other hand, with all due respect, I must say that my experience on the Aimed Solar Returns is many miles away from Volguine’s, for the simple fact that in his time, travelling was the preserve of a few classes. By those times very few people could afford a journey, especially over long distances. In addition to living in the age of computers, I have been lucky enough to work during the decades when the transcontinental voyages have become commonplace. One example? Between winter and spring of 1993 you could purchase a return ticket to the United States from Rome, with little more than seven hundred thousand Italian Liras. Today, travelling has become a mass sport. Therefore, no one opens his eyes wide if I propose that he goes to spend his birthday in Australia. Some of my counselees relocated their SR so far away that they reached the very edge of the maps that can be commonly found in the marketplace, boldly going where no Westerner had gone before.
I must also add that I haven’t found it useful to consider the position of the MC of the Solar Return in the radical Houses. Also, I disagree with Volguine on the dating of events within the year covered by the Solar Return, which he obtained by mixing (in an inappropriate way, I believe) judicial astrology with exoteric astrology.
There is another important point that I wish to mention in this preface – it is yet another recommendation to my readers. Do not scare people and always give them a chance, an alternative to the relocation of the Solar Return (using the exorcism of symbols, for example). 
Before concluding I would like to bring to your attention a few points that I have been ‘shouting’ for years. A lot of my students have been giving their favourable feedback on them, checking and trying them out in practice. I refer to the fatality of the Twelfth, First and Sixth Houses (a real guillotine if one of them is involved in a Solar Return); to the never enough emphasized goodness of the Tenth House; to the very strong connection between the Eleventh house and grief or death; and to the close link between the sense of sight and the axis of the Sixth and the Twelfth House.
There is yet another point that I tell you after many years of study and silence, because now it seems to me that it is an evident piece of truth. I refer to Taurus being the sign that, immediately after Pisces, has the most fragile nerves. Meditate on this judgement and review your personal collections of birth data: I am sure that you’ll give me a positive feedback on this point too.
Finally, I would say that I have included small charts in this volume. I had two reasons for doing so. The first reason is that I wanted to devote more space to the written text, which could not be sacrificed. 
The second reason is that these charts have been produced by my software ASTRAL and printed out with a plotter: thus they are razor sharp, also considering that they have been drawn – as André Barbault would say – in the only possible correct way: with the celestial bodies outside the circle of the Zodiac, not inside. 
Naples, Summer 1993



Preface to the new Text

Apparently, this volume is the third edition of my Practical Treatise of Solar Returns, published by Ricerca ’90 and Blue Diamond Publisher. Actually, it is much more. In fact, after about ten years since I wrote it, I thought it useful to start working again on it with a deep revision of the original text, which has partly been re-written, and with the addition of new sections. Something has been deleted, too. Above all, this volume has been updated with the results of my most recent research in such a difficult and critical area as that of the Aimed Solar Returns. Let me also add that this volume has profited from the valuable work of my friend Lorenzo Vancheri’s editing. For a long time now, Lorenzo has become the only and irreplaceable supervisor of my works.
In short, this is a completely new book; this is also why I changed its title.
Here, you will find the summary of a series of ‘patches’ – as they say today in the computer world – that are intended to fill gaps or to correct positions that over time, eventually proved to be partially incorrect. Only a practice of thousands and thousands of ASR’s can offer the guarantee of abundant material to such an extent that it allows us to write down rules, which of course are susceptible to be updated, yet they still are rules.
In my case, I have collected around sixteen thousand ‘aimed’ birthdays, which I have personally followed with the persons involved; and at about one year after the relocation of their Solar Returns, I have also discussed personally with each of them the astrological implications of each relocation. Consider that the average of those who actually aim their SR is one fourth of the people to whom the astrologer suggests relocation. Also consider that for about 33 years I have worked on a sample of approximately 64,000 SR’s, of which 16,000 have been aimed – i.e. relocated – and the rest have not been relocated at all. Thus, you can see that I have been able to elaborate statistics that have helped me to correct my direction along a path that – please let me underline this once again – had no literature of reference except the one that I had written myself. Let us elaborate this point. Before my several volumes on this subject, the only volume on Solar Returns (and entirely devoted to Solar Returns) was Alexandre Volguine’s. Despite mentioning the possibility of relocating a Solar Return, the Author stated clearly that he had never relocated any Solar Return, nor had he suggested relocation to anybody. The simple reason is that, at those times, travelling, for example, to the United States from Europe was so expensive that you would had to sell your house to afford it…
I would never stop repeating that the chart of SR shall not be read the same way as a birth chart. This is exactly the reason why I had to ‘break many bones’ before realizing that the Ascendant of SR falling in the 1st natal House is exactly as detrimental as the Ascendant of SR falling in the 12th or in the 6th House of the birth chart. Has anyone read it somewhere else, in any book? Do you still have doubts about this reality? 
So, today this work of mine – enriched by the prestigious edition of the publisher Armenia – may be considered the culmination of my latest researches on this specific segment of astrological knowledge.
I think therefore, that you can all benefit from it. In fact, unlike some of my colleagues, I believe that astrology should not be esoteric. What I mean is that those who presume to know some fragments of it should – as it is the case with this volume – facilitate its utmost diffusion, so that everybody can benefit from their knowledge.
Naples, on the 21st May 2002, at 6:31 pm



What Solar Returns are and how they work

In a book of this kind I feel I am required to try to explain, before anything else, what Solar Returns are and how they work. Let us start with the horoscope (i.e. the natal sky, also called birth chart or radix). Astrology theorizes that each of us, coming into the world, takes the distinctive features of the place and of the moment in which he/she was born – just like a good vintage wine. For everybody knows that Chianti bottled in 1969 is completely different from Pinot bottled in 1975. 
We astrologers claim that the very same thing happens with human beings in their relationship with the ‘stars’. Those who do not believe so do not believe in astrology either; and the matter can be considered closed for them. But for those who believe in this reality, it will not be hard to believe also in Solar Returns.
Let me also stress that the theory of the Solar Returns is extremely ancient: we can already find traces of it in texts dating back to several centuries ago. However, the author who first revived them in modern times is the French astrologer Alexander Volguine, more or less in the middle of the last century. My personal research took inspiration mainly from him. Nonetheless, it soon took a different path, since personally and almost immediately (in 1970) I started to deal not only with plain Solar Returns, but also with what I call the Aimed Solar Returns.
Coming back to our initial conversation, let me remind readers that we the astrologers might swear on our own sons about the reality of astrology, but we would never be able to say how astrology works. The reader would find the discussion of the latter issue, especially from an epistemological/scientific point of view, in my book Astrologia: sì e no, written together with Enzo Barillà and published in Italy by Blue Diamond Publisher. It can be freely accessed at 
The most basic and classic ‘explanation’ that can be given in relation to this, is that, being born and breathing for the first time with our lungs, we ‘fix’ that astral imprinting featuring exactly a precise cosmic moment in a determined place. We also claim that that astral imprinting, that is to say: that horoscope or that natal chart (birth chart or radix) is nothing but a detailed map of our whole personality, of our medical history, of our destiny in general and in particular this means in connection with our love affairs, our feelings, our professional life, our money, and so on.
Needless to say that if we believe in this, we should also believe that once we came to the world, not only the astral imprinting that we received with our first whimper would ‘influence’ our life, but also many other occasions of imprinting, relentlessly.
Now it seems to me that both for the astrologer and for the layman it should be extremely clear that if we believe in other occasions of astral imprinting, we must not think about such occurrences of imprinting as a sequel of random events (i.e. fortuitous, occurring without a fixed timeline), but as a wave of events that cyclically repeat themselves according to a precise law. Now what are the cycles that govern the universe, or at least, life on Earth? I would certainly say: those that also regulate the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system.
Roughly fifty years ago a new discipline was established called chronobiology: the science that deals with biological rhythms or biorhythms. Before that time, doctors prescribed drug delivery either in the morning or in the evening indifferently. But when the scientists realized the importance of biorhythms in humans, they also understood that a molecule ends up being better activated or weakened down, simply depending on the time of day in which it is administered to the patient.
It is obvious to everyone, or at least I think so, that the cycles are related to the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system. Let us consider only three examples of this. The beautiful book of Lyall Watson Supernature, published in Italy by Rizzoli, Milan in 1974 informs that it has been determined that, in primis, a circadian rhythm exists in humans – i.e. a rhythm that lasts about a day, just like the Earth’s rotation around its own axis. There is plenty of evidence of this fact. Consider, for example, the curve showing how the function of urination or how the blood pressure varies within the twenty-four hours of a mean day. Or you can also consider the fact that every day in the animal ‘man’ there is a peak in the production of melatonin half-hour after sunset (melatonin is a naturally occurring compound found in animals which favours sleep; it is in fact a fully natural, light antidepressant). Some specific laboratory test, such as the Takata test, shows that certain chemical values in our blood are quite different at sunrise and sunset; and to make a long story short we have better not to go on and on.
The second example is the sight before everybody’s eyes. It is relevant to the twenty-nine days during which our natural satellite, the Moon, takes a complete lap around the Earth: just think of the female menstrual cycle, if you have doubts about it. Of course the most important cycle of all is certainly the annual, 365-day long cycle, ticked by the revolution of Earth around the Sun. Evidence of this rhythm or cycle is numerous and very evident in nature: animals hibernate every year in the same period and do the same for migration and for the season of love. Even the trees bear fruit in the same period of the year. For example, around the 15th of May, be the weather good or bad, at our latitudes cherry trees give us cherries: this is a kind of birthday for the plant.
And the same happens for man: starting from the moment of birth begins a cycle of approximately 365 days, which is repeated n number of times until the death of the individual. The day of the (true) birthday, that is when the Sun, seen from Earth, returns exactly in degrees, minutes and seconds to the same point of the ecliptic that it occupied at the moment of an individual’s birth, a cycle of 365 days ends and another one begins, just like in a sine wave (as shown in figure at the end of this chapter). This is a point of extreme importance for us: the imprinting that we receive at this very moment is essential and it should not be confused with other occasions of random imprinting. In other words, the horoscope that we can draw upon our yearly solar return, which is beaten exactly by the time and is relevant to the exact place where we are in that moment, that horoscope would ‘condition’ us strongly for the following 365 days. 
Now, if you believe in what I have just explained, you will also understand that if we study, for example on a computer monitor, how the sky of our next birthday looks like in different places on Earth (we have – theoretically – 360 different possibilities of seeing the sky from the Earth), we can also determine in which town of the planet we may receive the best imprinting of all, according to the laws of astrology. So, if the day of your birthday you are under the sky of your home place, say in Milan or Paris or New York, the astral imprinting is of a certain type; while if you choose a different sky, for example a very harmonic sky with certain features that you wish to ‘activate’, it would obviously be something quite different. However, it should be noted immediately that a sky of Solar Return, contrary to what many people believe, cannot and should not be read by the same rules of a birth or natal chart.
The above described is the starting point for the study of Solar Returns and of Aimed Solar Returns. Let me add that we define a Base Solar Return (BSR) as the sky of the birthday that we ‘take’ if we stay at home on the day of our astrological birthday.


With what force do they work?

It is natural to wonder by means of what forces a human being can think to curb, defeat, or even reverse the huge powers involved in astrology, since these forces seem to belong directly to the stars. As I wrote earlier, we astrologers do not know how astrology really works, although we could swear that it does work. Therefore, we can only speculate. In the case of Aimed Solar Returns, however, the matter is much easier. Let me make it clear through the following example.
As a child I once took a lesson in martial art, and if I remember it well, it was the only one of my life. I do not even remember if it was judo, karate or something else. In that simple lesson I learned a very impressive move that I still can repeat up to this day. This is a move to release your wrists that an opponent holds tight with his strong hands, so strong that you feel that your hands are tightened between two steel tongs. However tall and strong or corpulent your opponent may be, even if he is five or six times stronger and taller than you, you can release yourself quickly and efficiently.
I was a child of ten or maybe eleven years, and I tested that move over tall and strong men, always managing to break free. How could I do it in practice? Simply exploiting not my own strength, but that of my opponent.
So follow me for a moment and I will explain the technique, which is quite simple. The opponent, as I said, tightens your small wrists with his gigantic hands. With a rapid and sudden movement, you flop down (as if you were wishing to sit down on the floor). In a wave of instinctive reaction, your opponent would pull you up with all the strength of his hands and arms. At that precise moment, leveraging his strength and not your own, you bend your wrists on the inside. This will free you at once. This, of course, succeeds well if you are fast enough, also exploiting the element of surprise on your opponent.
The analogy with the relocation of the Solar Returns is the fact that if you wish to gain a better year, you do not rely on your own strength contrasted with that of the stars, for you actually exploit the power of the stars. In fact, man cannot even imagine being able to move the stars in the sky! On the contrary, you will simply place yourself under the best possible sky that can be seen from the Earth at the moment of your astrological birthday – that is to say, the moment when the Sun returns onto the exact position it occupied at the moment of your birth. In short, rather than abandoning yourself to receive the evil ‘influence’ of, for example, Mars just placed over your head, you would go to the Caribbean or Moscow or Lyon to let yourself be ‘beamed’ beneficially by Jupiter.
Another important thing to emphasize in this regard is that – as thousands of cases in my collection could demonstrate – the power of the Solar Return is certainly greater than that of transits; this is why ‘aiming’ your birthday becomes a very productive process.
Consider the following case, taken from the issue #50 of my quarterly journal Ricerca ’90. It is only one among hundreds examples that I could bring to you.
Below here is the report that a counselee – a man from the Italian region Marche, working for an insurance company – sent me almost at the end of the twelve months covered by his previous SR. Please read it so that we can discuss it briefly together.

Dear Ciro Discepolo;
The time has come for our yearly appointment, and so I am going to report to you about what has happened to me. Last year I followed your advice and I spent my birthday in Helsinki (so that I could take advantage of Jupiter of SR in the 10th House, as well as the strong 5th House of SR). Let the deeds take the floor. In March 2001 I had an increase of salary (my first one since 1992). In April 2001 a poll was held to fill a vacancy in the board of an important society: I was given the charge with a lot of preferential votes. I did not expect any of this. January to October: the work went well. 
I make this assessment not only based on my personal sales – which were positive indeed – but also because there was a pleasant atmosphere all around me at work. I work in contact with many people, but never before I had picked up so many statements of appreciation from the people with whom I happen to get in touch with... Not to mention also that of all the coming events – no matter how situations had started or how they had looked like at the beginning – I experienced their positive evolution. 
5th House: in this case also, the stars have complied with the terms. In May 2001, with a little good luck, I achieved the rank of brown belt in karate (my other passion besides astrology). I had been unable to progress since my previous advancement a couple of years before. June/July: I attended two weddings with my wife; we had two wonderful evenings there (we had the chance of meeting people again whom we had lost sight of for some time). January to October: I had to organize twelve events at my workplace. They also involved long-lasting breaks of conviviality, implying a good amount of gratification for me. 
Ascendant of SR in the VII House: some tension with colleagues because of competitiveness within the company.
Problems in 2000/2001: my mother was diagnosed with phlebitis caused by trauma (I did not know it yet, but my biggest problem in 2001 would be her health). May 2001: my mother had a bad hypertensive crisis – I realized that the doctor did not care correctly for it, so that we resolved to trust a university medical centre not far from us. This led to some more displacement. The doctors at the centre found out the cause of her problem (basic arrhythmia) and eventually prescribed the proper treatment. Since then she is fine. Sun/Pluto in the 4th: at home, for eight months the main subject of conversation is my brother-in-law’s new home. This means problems for my mother-in-law, who funded the purchase despite being financially engaged with repairs to her own home. My mother-in-law has health problems, and my wife is very sad for that...

Actually, it would not be worth making any comment. The facts speak for themselves. I know that many people are sceptics about relocating the Solar Returns; it’s them who should explain this story to us... However, I would note one thing. I have repeated many times, ad nauseam, that the SR has a much more significant influence than the transits. I think that the subject’s yearly report above is an overwhelming evidence of it. In fact, in the same span of time he had the transit of Saturn opposite the Sun and Midheaven. Thus he should have reported several unpleasant facts at work, in relation to his own prestige and his social development/growth, etc… Instead, with that beautiful Jupiter that I had placed over the Midheaven of his SR, he was able to enjoy things that turned to be exactly the opposite of those one could have feared from the transits. It is yet another demonstration of what I have been claiming for decades. Nevertheless, even in these days, from time to time I realize that there are colleagues of mine who declare to be absolutely sceptical about the possibility of neutralizing such detrimental transit, while they also claim to be aligned with my school.
But I will not shout myself hoarse for them. A word to the wise.


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  Ciro Discepolo
A new system of analysis for two ancient methods
Paperback, 560 pages, 8.6 X 5.9 X 1.2 inches
Ricerca’90 Publisher, 2007, Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9814620-0-4

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> A big Statistical Research  
> Ciro Discepolo's articles about a few controversies moved against his school of Solar Returns (The Active Astrology)  
> The Preface of the book  
> A chapter of the book:
Jupiter of SR in the Houses of the Solar Return
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> Ciro Discepolo's Bibliography  
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Transits and Solar Returns is a unique text in its genre, for it allows the reader to evaluate the realism of a method illustrated through several well known events from the execution of Benito Mussolini to the incarceration of Sophia Loren in Italy, including the most important victories of many acclaimed champions of sports. Starting from historical data, Ciro Discepolo  explains how and why each event took place. As a best seller in Italy and in France, this book has been reprinted and republished several times in the span of a few years. New, important sections have been added. Its main quality is probably the exposure of a method that any student of astrology - experts as well as beginners - may apply. It aspires to demonstrate that such events as the abysmal fall of famous financiers or the tragic death of the cyclist Marco Pantani can be all explained word for word by the thirty rules written by Ciro Discepolo; who invites the reader to verify personally (studying events of the future as well as past chronicles) whether those rules match reality or not. The Author has been studying Aimed Solar Returns since 1970. He has been the instigator of more than 20,000 aimed birthdays (up to 2007). He has written over 50 books - most of them on this particular subject. For this reason he is considered the greatest expert by many colleagues in the world on this specific segment of astrology. This is a text of practical astrology, based on many-many years of observations and studies in practice. It addresses itself mainly to those who wish to verify the truth of the assertion: prediction is a feasible exercise in astrology. 
Ciro Discepolo was born in Naples in 1948, where he works as a journalist and writer. He worked for twenty years with the most popular daily of his town, Il Mattino . He worked for five years at the CNR (National Research Council). He has been dealing with astrology since 1970. He has published over 50 books, most of them bestsellers in Italy as well as abroad. In 1990 he founded the quarterly Ricerca '90 , which has been publishing since then. He has been doing statistical researches from the very beginning of his interest in astrology. At the beginning of the 90s, he obtained very brilliant results with researches on astral heredity on a sample of over 75,000 subjects. He has held seminars, courses and lectures in different universities in Italy and abroad, and in several culture clubs. He is deeply interested in informatics. Astrologically speaking, he followed the school of André Barbault. He founded the school of Active Astrology .


The Preface of the Book

I reckoned – by an approximation – that until spring 1997, after twenty–seven years of intensive practice in astrology, I had ‘forwarded' at least ten thousand persons 1 to an aimed birthday (over twenty thousand in 2007). What's more, year after year I've been recording their outcome, about the splendid reality of the Aimed Solar Returns.
This is not the topic of this volume, which is rather meant to address all those who investigate or wish to investigate Solar Returns, regardless of whether they are planning to put into practice the active relocation of the Solar Return – that which I term as the Aimed Solar Return. I made reference to such a high number of events simply because I wish to claim, with neither conceit nor silly vanity, that my experience in the field is remarkable. What's more, it's a practical experience, not merely a theoretical exercise.
In this volume you'll read quite different observations than those which you might find in any other book. Two examples follow that substantiate this reflection. In the next sections you'll read that a Solar Return starting, say, with Jupiter at the Medium Coeli gives one hundred–times lower positive effects to the native's social and professional promotion than a Solar Return with the Ascendant lying in the 10 th House of the birth chart. Reading the following sections you'll also realize that the SR Ascendant in the 1 st House of birth is one of the worst positions that could ever strike a man. The above remarks, together with many other observations, originate from an extremely long practice and are supported by hundreds of personal reports of people who relocated their own SR according to the method described in this book, who can confirm every single point of what I have written down here.
This volume can not be considered as a substitute either to my Guida ai transiti or to my Trattato pratico di Rivoluzioni solari . It is intended to be a complement to these books and help the reader to understand better the transits and the Solar Returns, based on the results of years of research carried out after the publication of the afore mentioned books.

What I intend to demonstrate with this volume is:

1) It is impossible to be able to make correct forecasts unless you consider the Solar Returns and the transits together

2) The Twelfth, the First and the Sixth House are tremendously negative

3) By making joint use of the Solar Returns and of the transits it is possible to make really accurate forecasts – but only if you read Solar Returns and the transits according to the method described in these books.

Be clear that I don't deny that other, very good authors may be able to make quite accurate forecasts based upon other systems of analysis. I simply believe that the other methods are bound to be positively inferior compared with the results that can be obtained with the method I propose. It is my opinion that those who make use of the Solar Returns in practice, but read them according to other streams of astrological thought, would never obtain the brilliant prognostic results that can be attained following the rules listed in the following pages. I say so being perfectly aware that I don't mean to claim that I am an infallible astrologer! I simply rely upon a huge practice that allows me to trace classifications, set priorities, mention scales of values, and make use of exclamation marks after certain items.
It's you, dear reader, who'll eventually decide whether this method works or not. You might recommend it to your colleagues or you might throw it away instead after trying it without result, but of course, during the trial time, you should not change any single rule according to your own mind!
I am confident that application will prove me right. I don't claim that my precision reaches hundred percent. Yet this method possesses a high degree of verifiability – so high that it allows you to follow it without making serious mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes: the most important thing is not doing your best not to make mistakes at all – the most important thing is to do your best in order to reduce your mistakes to a minimum.
There are two more considerations. In the description of transits you'll perceive that I have tried to reduce my own involvement to a minimum; I have tried to be as ‘silent' as possible in my relationship with the reader. On the other hand, when you read the section about Solar Returns you'll find that my participation there is more incisive. There I write in the first person, with quite personal comments. The reason is that in those pages I face a subject in which I have felt the need to strike a blow, to take sides, to underline a much more personal reasoning compared with that of the transits.
Lastly, I would like to say that in this volume you'll often come across the terms ‘negative' and ‘positive' when reference is being made to isolated individual positions of Solar Returns and of transits. Many people would be appalled at ‘such a language', claiming that one should mention only harmonic and disharmonic positions – never ‘positive' and ‘negative' ones. Forgive me, but I don't stand demagogy. We live in a time of political correctness in which the blind are called visually handicapped; the poor are called needy; the handicapped are called disabled; foreigners are called non–EU citizens, and so on – but I am accustomed to calling a spade a spade. Therefore even if you try hard to convince me, you'll never have me say that a Saturn transiting over the Sun in the 12 th House is a disharmonic transit that makes people to grow. I'll stick to my opinion: such a transit is above all a disaster that everybody would like to avoid. The thought that people grow spiritually and psychologically under duress can at best be a philosophical conjecture.

1 Some times, during any given day up to ten different persons, call me asking for advice. Since my computer is running constantly, I immediately open the program called Molriv and, during the course of the conversation over the phone, am able to indicate to them a proper destination for their Aimed Solar Return. After a year has gone by, I note their experiences concerning Aimed Solar Returns.
This is why I seldom forget anything about ASRs, despite the fact that certain other subjects completely slip my mind.


Chapter 18
Jupiter of SR in the Houses of the Solar Return

It’s a fairly important element of the SR: it tells where you’ll find your main resources during the twelve months to which the Solar Return refers. You’ll see that the help of Jupiter will be crucial for the overall result for the year. Jupiter may give you a helping hand both in a propulsive way (it gives a trump card for a precise play) and by acting as a kind of guardian angel (it restrains the damage of a certain situation). Yet, you should keep an eye on the way Jupiter ‘works’ in the following three Houses: the second, the seventh, and the eighth. Often, in these three houses the lord of Sagittarius reveals a behaviour which is opposite to its classical one. It is something similar to what I wrote about the transit of Jupiter in the same three Houses of the birth chart.

Jupiter in the First House of SR: Its effect is usually very positive concerning recovery from a state of depression, or from physical and mental dejections; convalescence after surgery; release from a period of financial, professional, sentimental, or familial trouble; end of a breakdown due to a death or a very bad disillusion, and so on. With Jupiter so placed, individuals who usually act with a massive dose of distrust would tend to lower their guard, considering others with more trust than usual. With this position of Jupiter, people act with more naivety and more uncritically. This Jupiter is favourable for social contacts, for opening doors of any kind; but it may be harmful in view of the possibility of being swindled by fellow human beings. You must be careful, because this position of Jupiter fattens people, for it makes them relax and it gladdens their heart.
In the most negative cases, it may favour the proliferations of all kinds – even the pathological ones. Thus it may mean hypertrophy in general, immoderation, exaggerations, overvaluations. Nonetheless, even when you read this position as a problematic one, you must consider that Jupiter is basically a positive planet, and that it has to be considered as one of the most powerful protections for one’s health, and in general, a bearer of good luck. Moreover, if it’s very close to the Ascendant it’s a real ‘Prozac’ of the stars, for it reveals an extremely valid antidepressant performance: it may be a real relief after a bad year.

In the Second House of SR, Jupiter is in one of the three adverse positions that we have to consider carefully. In the section about the transits of Jupiter you can read what I wrote about the bistable oscillator. Let’s repeat it once again here in brief. A bistable oscillator is an electronic circuit that determines the inversion of the output signal for any input impulse. For instance, assume that the oscillator switches on an output bulb when the first impulse arrives. If a second impulse arrives the oscillator switches the bulb off. At the third impulse, it switches the bulb on again, and so on. This mean that the position of Jupiter in the three aforementioned Houses usually induces an inversion of the previous condition. Jupiter in the 2nd House of SR means certainly an increased circulation of money, but it may be either an input or an output of money. Only a general outlook of the individual’s current situation helps you understand in which way this Jupiter will work. Here are some examples. If you find this position in a SR with other Houses involved such as the 12th, the 1st, or the 6th House, it almost certainly means loss of money. If the SR refers to dealers or businessmen whose Saturn is transiting their 2nd or 8th radix house, then it almost means certainly an outflow of money. If the individual is making repairs at home, or if he is purchasing an estate, and his SR shows an occupation of the 4th House, then it indicates cash disbursements – a real a drain of money. On the contrary, if the SR shows an occupation of the 4th House and the native is selling an estate, then this Jupiter should mean an inflow of money – much money. If you stick to this reasoning, you should be able to understand the direction of the flow of capital with a good degree of precision. If a worker has been laid off and he has got bad transits, with a Jupiter in the 2nd House of SR he might even lose his job and reduced to penury. Of course, as they say: last but not least – you have to consider the birth chart of the native. For if you are able to make a fortune selling grasshoppers in Africa, or refrigerators in Alaska, then you are able to increase your income even with this celestial position. If you were unlucky with money since birth, expect to face further financial trouble with this celestial position. Such a position may also indicate an increased ‘presence’ of the native, who will probably participate in TV programs or public ceremonies, or his picture may appear on a paper or be broadcast in the news, during the year of this SR. The native may also show an increased interest (and receive particular satisfaction) in the fields of photography, theatre, graphics, design, computer–aided graphics, commercial art. He might decide to purchase tools to operate in the aforementioned fields of activity. The native may even become more beautiful thanks to a diet, a new look, a different hairstyle, a fine new set of teeth, plastic surgery, or by simply growing a new beard and/or a moustache, and so on. He takes more care in dressing. With this position of Jupiter it is almost impossible that the native does not purchase a monitor or a large screen television set, or that he does not become keen, maybe occasionally, on taking pictures or videos. Probably his picture will be published in the papers, or maybe he improves his sight by having his eyes operated with laser surgery. If he’s an actor, he will perform more during the year, for instance he may appear often in a TV commercial.

When Jupiter is in the Third House of SR it simply, although very often, indicates the purchase of a new car or of a new motorcycle, or a motor scooter, a bicycle, a van, or any other means of transport. It also points to possible travels and much movement. It may announce a new job, or a new love affair, or a new therapy involving commuting – usually, a happy and easy commuting. It further portends much communication. You may purchase a new mobile phone, a cordless phone, a fax machine, a local exchange, a satellite dish, a modem, an ADSL connection, a printer, a new word processor. Good news arrives to you by letter, by cable, by fax, or by telephone. You experience good luck in your education.
University students may pass exams brilliantly. You stand good chances to win contests and tenders. You may take part in courses not only as students, but also as teachers. You may take advantage of this situation by enrolling in courses of languages, in training courses with computers, in pursuing postgraduate qualifications, in demanding workshops; or taking part in seminars, debates, or teach–ins. It’s a good time for writing. You may receive positive criticisms from the press. There may be very good news from your brothers, sisters, cousins, and brothers–in–law or sisters–in–law. If you suffer from a pulmonary pathology, you can expect to recover from it. Good business ideas, lucky decisions. With such a position many individuals learn how to use a computer. For instance, a learned man who had been writing for fifty years with pen and paper may start using MS–Word under this celestial configuration. Many natives get their first driving licence or boating licence, regardless of their age.

Jupiter in the Fourth House of SR almost inevitably means advantages from real estate. It may result in a good trading or transfer of property; an important business or a move; or restoration or renovation of your house or your office, your workshop, your shop, or your workroom… This refers to your own property as well as the places where you operate from. For instance, a bank clerk may be transferred to another, more comfortable agency under this celestial position. You must seize this opportunity if you plan to purchase a house. It is a very good position for those who wish to take possession of their own house after years of difficulties of different kinds. Jupiter in the 4th may also be a time for individuals to eventually take a rest at home after having travelled for years.
You may inherit a real estate. From a different point of view, this position may indicate a better condition for your parents (or parents–in–law), particularly of your father (or father–in–law). They may improve their financial, professional, sentimental, or health condition. Improvement of habitat may also refer to your parents or in–laws (it may be also your boyfriend’s or your girlfriend’s parents). Your relationship with your parents gets better. You may purchase a camper van or a time–share flat. You may rent a new studio or garçonnière. You purchase new hard disks or other devices to increase the memory of your computer. Jupiter in the 4th House may also indicate that you recover serenity at home or at work. You may get to feel fine once again there after a period of troubles. Ironically, this position may refer to diseases as well. In fact you might spend much time at home, and enjoying it, simply because you are sick and you cannot go to work.

Usually Jupiter in the Fifth House of SR is rather spectacular and it facilitates very much the birth of new love affairs and new flirtations, unless the native’s birth chart shows that he’s subject to bad luck in this field. Keep in mind the remarks that follow. Many users of astrology are persons with a shallow knowledge of the subject. They think that such a position should grant them the right to get love, always. In fact, things are a little different. For instance, let’s talk about inaugurations. I often happened to be asked to indicate a good date for the opening of a commercial enterprise. And then, years later, my client complained that things had gone very wrong financially despite my good piece of advice. Well, this is quite logical – in fact the variables involved are not only of the astrological kind. One has to take into due account the market conditions. Thus, if you try to sell furs in a tropical country, your enterprise is bound to fail even if it was born under a wonderful sky. Similarly, if a definitely ugly man (or a not really charming one) tries to woo a woman during a party of young, bold and beautiful cadets of a naval academy, you can easily guess that he stands very little chance to conquer the heart of a lady. Thus this celestial position may bring a new wonderful love affair or the return of the beloved one in the period spanning from one birthday to the following birthday, provided that there are objective conditions for it to happen. In any case, the native has more fun during the year of such a Solar Return. This fun may derive from playing cards, videogames, music, using the computer, but also reading classic literature. Even boring books will do. Sometimes I happened to listen to many people who admitted (after their Solar Return had come to an end) that they did have fun, although it had been a matter of simply discovering the pleasure of having conversations with people after a period of seclusion. Jupiter here also announces possible sports, more cinemas and more theatre. With such a Jupiter people tend to go out to dinner, to concerts, to the disco, to the country more often. They also have more sex. You should receive good news from your kids or from young people in general (this has particularly reference to teachers). You may overcome a problem relevant to your children. You may also have a baby, even if you don’t wish. With this celestial position the native’s fertility increases dramatically, be it a male or a female. Only in extremely rare cases, you have to read this position as a negative one: for instance, it may involve troubles from your children. Still about love – the most popular subject of all – I must add that Jupiter in the 5th certainly heralds a nice year as far as sex or love is concerned, provided that the native is not ‘tainted’ in this field. Except a few cases, it usually forecasts a new meeting, or the return of an old flame. Some say to me: ‘I am fond of Jeff. If it’s not Jeff, I am not interested in anybody else...’ Well, stars are much more long–sighted than the human being. Thus, often, even if it’s not Jeff – Jupiter makes the native happy.

In the 6th House, the lord of Sagittarius is able to amend many a bad situation, as far as one’s health is concerned. In fact, it gives you good support in healing diseases and it offers you often unexpected resources to enhance your psychophysical wellbeing. It also acts very well during convalescences, and more in general, when you recover from hard times due to sentimental, financial, professional trouble; or due to the death of a beloved one. Therapies starting under such a Solar Return stand better chances to get positive, concrete, definite results. It is a good time for surgery, especially for plastic surgery. You can expect better working conditions, better human relationships at work. It is advisable to recruit new employees, collaborators, contributors, staff, domestic help during such a SR. Old grudges in your working environment (your office, your company…) find a solution. The period may be good for a member of your staff too. It also may be that you find that your job, previously considered as a hard and unpleasant task, is not so bad after all and you reconsider your view about it. Jupiter in this position means advantages from any kind of therapy, such as mud–bath; thermal treatments; Shiatsu; physiotherapy; fitness; slimming or detoxifying diets… You may receive satisfaction from a pet. Remember that the most protective positions for your health are the following: Jupiter and Venus in the 6th House of SR or Jupiter and Venus in the 1st or 12th House of SR (the latter position, especially if the aforementioned planets are very close to the Ascendant, is certainly very good for this purpose, although it is usually inconvenient for love life).

In the Seventh House of SR, Jupiter behavior is more or less similar to that of it’s transit of the natal 7th House. Usually, due to the ‘bistable’ effect that I have already described, Jupiter lends you a helping hand and solves your troubles concerning your love life, marriage, and anything related with stamped paper. If you are not involved in any affair but you strongly wish to be involved – and if there are at least the theoretical preconditions for that to happen – you can surely hope to have a promising encounter during the twelve months of the Solar Return. It may be an important person with whom you might establish a quite steady relationship. Also, if your love life has been recently spoiled by a crisis, a temporary separation, and/or by incessant tensions, with the arrival of a Solar Return with Jupiter in the 7th House you stand very good chances to overcome your misunderstandings, and to restore the nice, peaceful and loving atmosphere of the good old times. The same happens for legal issues, lawsuits, legal proceedings, pending issues with justice. If you are under investigation or if you are on trial, if you are engaged in an exhausting lawsuit, then it’s highly probable that you’ll find an important resource, an unexpected help, a kind of miraculous support, something or somebody who gets you out of trouble or manages to produce a favourable judgment – or at least, a sentence which is not so bad for you. The other way around, if you are having a wonderful time in your love life and if you aren’t facing any trouble at all with the law, then Jupiter in the 7th House may bring huge quarrels, separations, even a divorce, stamped paper of all kinds, troubles with justice, individuals or institutions attacking you, declared enemies, and even more: with this Jupiter one can even expect to be a victim of acts of terrorism, robberies or attempts of robbery. Someone might wound you. As I said, it is not clear how it really works: still, having collected and studied thousands and thousands of charts of Solar Returns, I can assert for certain that this rule proves to be true in the overwhelming majority of the cases, if not in all of them.
The same reasoning can be ascribed to your partner, husband or wife, associates in business, education, politics, etc. Nonetheless besides the bipolarity that I have defined as ‘bistable’ there’s another attribute that I’ve often met with this celestial position. During the twelve months of such a SR, your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, associate or whatever, is bound to stand out for some reason. They might recover from bad health or they might grow in their profession or social position, and so on. It is a good time, anyway, to take somebody into partnership, if this is what you are looking for.

Jupiter in the 8th House of SR, as well as in the 2nd House, means surely a definite increased flow of money within the native’s natural financial situation (i.e. a few millions for someone, billions for some others). This flow may be incomes or outflows depending upon inheritance you take possession of; donations; gambling wins; endowments; pensions; severance pay; arrears; unexpected income; good transactions; or brokerage; but it may also be gambling losses; theft; huge expenses for your house; your partner’s debts; frauds you are a victim of; bad stock speculations or bad speculations in general; money that you lent and that will never be returned, and so on.
If you don’t pay attention, with this position you run the risk of facing real drains of money. Sometimes the effect of this Jupiter may be deceptive. For instance, it may help you obtain a loan, a subsidy, a financing, and it helps you to be granted quite huge amounts too – but you may not be able to refund this money later on, so that eventually its presence in the 8th House may be adverse for you. This position of Jupiter also indicates possible advantages from a death – not only financial advantages.
You stand a fair chance in any kind of underground research – it may also be a matter of digging into your own psyche. Your sexual life gets better. The latter point is not subject to any two–faced interpretation: it often tells you that a new love affair is arriving, or that things are bound to settle down positively with your partner. There may be a possible amplification of the native’s psychic powers and likelihood of benefits that have something to do with cemeteries.

Jupiter in the Ninth House of SR almost always forecasts long and wonderful travels for the native; journeys to distant places; staying far from home; benefits obtained from foreign people or foreign places, or relevant to other countries or towns than your place of birth or of residence. From any point of view the ‘abroad’ and the ‘far away’ are favourable to you: they give you benefits, they help you in finding work, money, health, love, or fame. You may be cured by foreign doctors and/or in a foreign hospital. Jobs or collaborations may be offered to you provided that you move to another town. You get the chance to attend foreign courses, in foreign universities. You may obtain a higher qualification abroad. Jupiter in this House also favours any kind of advanced studies, mainly if they refer to anything far from your daily fields of expertise, such as philosophy, astrology, parapsychology, theology, yoga, and so on. You can learn a foreign language or a programming language; you can also get to master a particularly complex piece of software. It is an excellent period for going and living in another town or for trying and reaching an agreement with people or institutions not belonging to your geographical area. How could we define ideally what the 9th House really refers to? It refers to any place where they speak a language or a dialect other than your own. In my long years of practising and studying Solar Returns, I very often happened to see that this position of Jupiter corresponds, for instance, also to the first flying experience of people who have a deep distrust of planes.

Jupiter in the Tenth House of Solar Return is almost always a positive signal concerning your growth – normally it’s a professional growth. Such a growth may refer to more general kinds of emancipations, such as learning to swim or to swallow pills (many adults are not able to do it in fact). Some people ‘grow’ by getting rid of an unpleasant person; some others fly for the first time in their life. Others get a perfect sight thanks to a successful surgery. Others learn a foreign language perfectly; others get to master a personal computer. You may also become stronger psychologically; overcome fears or taboos; identify profitable projects for the future; meet people who can change your life; complete your university education; purchase your dream house; become a father or a mother; get married, and so on. Nonetheless I have to say that such a position is much less powerful than an Ascendant of SR in the 10th House of birth (on the other hand the latter has got contraindications, while Jupiter in the 10th hasn’t got any at all). I don’t know why, but I’ve personally experienced it over thousands of cases. The results that can be obtained by a Jupiter in the 10th House of SR are, almost always, irreversible. It is my opinion, formed after many decades of experimentation, that (expect a few cases) a Jupiter strictly conjunct with the MC is the best combination that one can obtain in a Solar Return chart. In some cases this celestial position announces a very good period for the native’s mother: she may improve her professional position; she may become famous; she may get financial benefits; she may experience a particularly good period for her health or her love; or it may be that the native’s relationship with her mother gets better.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House of SR helps you very much through friends in high places, important contacts, powerful acquaintances such as politicians, judges, officials. These people may offer you a job, give you a position of responsibility, contract you, or ask you to estimate something. They may show you the precise way to get to be operated by a famous surgeon or to be visited by important specialists. They may put in a good word for you to attend a course or to be accepted into an exclusive club. In other words you may get support in any field of your life, even ordinary spheres of your daily life – as for instance, somebody might put you through to his own personal car mechanic and ask him confer preferential treatment to your car… During the twelve months of such a Solar Return you might receive assistance of all kinds; you will sense more friendship around yourself, and receive concrete signs of support from your friends. In a nutshell, this will be – a year of very good projects; propel you toward professional growth; your projects begin to show desired results. There may be possible benefits from a death. You easily overcome a risk of death for yourself or a beloved one. This year will establish new and very good friendships. Jupiter in the 11th House has always to be read as a positive factor, and it’s only a rung lower than Jupiter in the 7th House of SR.

Jupiter in the Twelve House of SR is perhaps in its best position because, although it does not help you effectively in any precise direction, it works like a wild card, like a guardian angel who helps you recover from every negative situation and avoid all dangers; it helps you rehabilitate, get out of troubles. It is a real universal remedy to recover after a disease; to get out from legal troubles; to overcome a financial tragedy; to recover from the suffering of a separation or of a death. Its effects are never impressive, but they are extremely evident for those who honestly consider their own condition. Its presence in a Solar Return guarantees that you won’t have any dramatic year, from any point of view. You won’t run any risk even if, say, you walk on a rope suspended between two skyscrapers: Jupiter will be your ‘net’ below you. This is the position that – more than all the other positions – makes you appreciate that Jupiter really is a good planet – only if it wants to be good.


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