Ciro Discepolo
Two supporting methodologies for Active Astrology
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Ricerca’90 Publisher, 2009, Language: English


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Preface to the English Edition

In almost forty years of passionate studies, many of my books have been read and studied by dozens of thousands of readers all over the world.
One of my luckier volumes (Transits and Solar Returns is its title in English) has been published once in English, in German, and in Spanish; and twice in Italian and French. It may be claimed that, especially thanks to that wonderful virtual shop called Amazon, this book is now being read all over the world including Mongolia, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, etc.
Other volumes of mine on Solar Returns or on Lunar Returns are presently studied in Slovenia, in Hungary, in Russia…
Soon further versions of my books will be available in other minor languages.
What you are browsing is my most recent book, since it was first sold in Italian bookshops in September, 2008. This is its second English edition, containing slight but significant amendments.
Since they are usually particularly attentive to this kind of technical astrology, I trust that my English-speaking readers will appreciate this new ‘Northwest Passage’ of astrological research, which may lead you to heuristic paths of great interest – as it is the case of Earth Returns, a subject that I consider to be extremely interesting.
Other subjects of mine are presently widely applied here in Italy: I trust that one day they might become useful also to my American or anyway English-speaking colleagues. I am referring to different astrological threads, such as the protocol for a rectification of the time of birth of an individual; the method for the dating of events within a year; my rules of medical astrology; my concept of the exorcism of symbols; and many other subjects.
Nice reading to you all.

Ciro Discepolo
Naples, the 2nd of January 2009



Preface to the English Edition pag. 7
Preface pag. 9
  pag. 18
Part I, Lunar Returns  
1. The unconscious roots of my passion for the Aimed Solar Returns pag. 21
2. Why and how do Solar Returns and Lunar Returns work pag. 23
3. Lunar Returns pag. 49
4. Twenty trustworthy rules pag. 61
5. The concept of modulation pag. 65
6. Do Aimed Lunar Returns work? pag. 69
7. New fields of research for Lunar Returns pag. 73
8. A thrilling Lunar Return pag. 83
9. An Aimed Lunar Return for an intervention of rhinoplasty pag. 89
10. Lunar Return in San Severo di Foggia pag. 93
11. How to choose an ALR for eye surgery pag. 99
12. A few practical exercises on the dating of events pag. 107
13. SRs and LRs in the attack on Pearl Harbor pag. 117
14. Lunar Return on airliners pag. 125
15. Lunar Return in Flores pag. 131
16. Lunar Return in Peterhead pag. 137
Part II, Earth Returns
17. What Earth Returns are and how they work pag. 143
18. Table to find out the point A in Earth Returns pag. 157
Part III, Miscellany and new researches on Solar Returns  
19. The significant value of synergy in the aimed birthdays of a whole family pag. 213
20. An attempt to get pregnant in advanced years pag. 227
21. Accuracy of the calculations and lack of passport pag. 233
22. The tragedy of Cogne pag. 237
23. A difficult and unsuccessful exercise pag. 247
24. The accuracy of your software when casting a SR pag. 257
25. The twenty days before and after the birthday pag. 259
Part IV, Postface  
26. Some important subjects for Active Astrology pag. 265
27. Solar Returns Domification pag. 277
28. Active Astrology pag. 287
29. Similarities between homeopathic medicine and Lunar Returns pag. 291
30. An essential astrological bibliography pag. 293



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