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Here you can read some feedbacks about Transits and Solar Returns we got from our customers.

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Today I recieved your wonderful book in the mail. And by this afternoon I finished reading it.
Frankly I am stunned why you have had trouble with a distributor. You have a excellent book.
I will actively see what I can do to get someone to handle it for you. I will contact new leaf, maybe they just didnt understand your request?
I will also contact Astrology groups and see what we can do.
I will make sure that you recieve a copy of the email I send all to all.
Thank you again for a copy of your book, it was a delicious treat to find.
Not at all what i was expecting. Better.
Until then, Blessings
Wonderful book too!
Thank you much,
Just received my book.
What a book - the written contents !! - but also, what paper !!
I rarely get books through the mail, as often, the paper used is really cheap and it takes an (emotional) effort to touch it.
But this book is a real joy to touch it, to handle it. It will be a very special experience to work through it.
Thanks Ciro Discepolo.

Dear Mr. Ciro,
sono perplex , and enthusiastica devo fare una complimento par excellence peccato che non ho letto this fantasico libro tanti anni fa today I was looking at your Internet site for to see, if I can buy your programm for the Index Calculation, but I have seen, it is only in italiano, my italian knowledge is very very little, in 1965 I have lived in ……. for some years, but now after so long time I have so much forgotten , mi vergoni )))
but I have really appreciated all your rules and Ideas and your lecutres about the Solar Return.
I am studying Western Astrology for many years and since 2000 I am studying Vedic Astrology, but now I will for sure always make more attention to the Solar Return, in Western Astro I am looking mostly for the Solar Arc in predictive way so now again many thanks for shiping me this wonderful book, and it will be a daily companion during my study and work.
nice greetings


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