Verify the precision of your software
when casting the Solar Returns
by Ciro Discepolo
In February 2007 I was abroad for a few days, and I was informed that my friend, Italian actor and brilliant showman Marco Columbro had mentioned me in an article published by the magazine Panorama.

He wrote that from time to time he asks for my advice as for his aimed birthday. Marco is a popular anchorman, a professional actor, and also a serious student of astrology; he has a good knowledge of Solar Returns and Aimed Solar Returns.

I would have never spread this piece of news, but since he made it public, let me propose you a little but difficult exercise. Marco was born in Lucca, Italy on the 28th of June 1950, at 8.30 pm. His birthday of 2006 was particularly treacherous, really difficult to be solved because we wished to obtain the following results:

- place Mars and Saturn in the 9th House;
- remove the Sun from the 8th House, possibly leaving Venus there;
- place Jupiter very close to the Ascendant.
With the help of my software Aladino - a powerful tool that is not only able to produce miracles: it is also extremely precise and reliable - I suggested him Polyarnj, in Siberia, 112°03’ East and 66°25’ North. The chart follows.

Nice, isn’t it? Try and do the same query on your computer (even if you don’t believe in the validity of the aimed birthdays): just to evaluate the reliability and precision of your software of astrology. So far I was joking. Actually the result was easy to attain.

Even the good old Molriv, another piece of software that I developed in 1979 and it is still by far more precise that many other pieces of software, could have done it. So let us make the exercise a little more difficult.

Let us ask Aladino the same things as before, the only difference being a Sun in the 8th House and Venus in the 7th House. The task becomes really complex. The solution proposed by my magical software is shown in the following chart: Tiksi, in Yakutiya, 128°54’ and - fancy - 71°42’ Nord!!!

Now you try and compare the charts - but be careful, because certain software packages do not play fair: for example, being unable to process data for such latitude, they propose a chart domificated with Porfirius or Equalis…

Marco Columbro

Marco Columbro's Natal Chart

SR for Polyarnj

SR for Tiksi


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